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36 Candidates for International Design for All Foundation Awards 2016


Paris, France. 22 March 2016. Thirty-six projects, products and services are candidates for the International Design for All Foundation Awards 2016.
An international jury will select the 5 "Best Practices" that will receive the Best Practice Trophy during the Design for All Foundation Awards 2016 ceremony that will take place on 22nd March 2016 at 18.00 hours at the URBACCESS event in Paris.

At the same event all the Good Practices will receive the corresponding diploma.

Candidates for the award

Category: environment, products and services in uses
*      Ajorí (Spain)
*      Cliplie (France)
*      EasyPlast (France)
*      Parks of Sintra Welcome Better (Portugal)
*      Gladdermailchen (a baking book for all) (Luxembourg)
*      Gres ceramic tiles for urban solutions (Spain)
*      handiBooking (France)
*      Iki-boutique (France)
*      Together, except Ted? (France)
*      Kolormondo (Sweden)
*      3D Pen (France)
*      Public Capsule (Republic of Korea)
*      Rakuzen (Japan)
*      Wheelchair ramp for kiosk toilets at Benidorm (Spain)
*      Soytun (Spain)
*      Skoog (United Kingdom)
*      Terra Basic (Spain)
*      Titobowl (Spain)
*      Spinal cord Injury treatment in Cruces public Hospital (Spain)
*      Trígonos (Spain)
*      Seable Holidays (England)
*      WOOD FEELINGS (Spain)
*      4 educational products of Signes de sens (France)
Category: Project proposals, methodologies and studies
*      Accessibility in Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction: Technical Form for Validation, Selection, Calculation and Basic Equipment of universal Accessibility for shelters (Ecuador)
*      Concept of barrier-free environment in the historic center of Kuldiga (Latvia)
*      Inclusive Choir (France)
*      The single-platform spaces of coexistence (Doctoral Thesis) (Spain)
*      Escabri (Morocco)
*      Iki Expérience (France)
*      La cuisine pour tous! (France)
*      Milvus&Lanius senior residences JongMëtt Lënster à Junglinster (Luxembourg)
*      Immersive Modeling (France)
*      Model for the design and evaluation of accessible spaces and participatory methodology with users, for the easy understanding of buildings and environments (Spain)
*      Monument Protection & Accessibility (Germany)
*      Double handled brush (France)
*      5 Friends, 5 Senses (Portugal)
For more information visit the website: Design for All Foundation



General Information

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Location: Paris, France
Start Date: 22/03/2016
End Date: 22/03/2016




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