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EU Infoday for Tourism Funding & Workshop on IT Tools for Tourism


European Commission logo20-21 March 2014, Brussels. The information day will focus on the most important EU programmes for the tourism sector, around practical questions.

On 21 March a Workshop on IT tools for tourism will take place at the same venue.

The EU Multi-Annual Financial Framework for 2014-2020 brings simplification at various levels: merger of EU funding programmes for easier access to information, harmonisation of application procedures, ...

This financial framework also introduced the possibility to support new types of actions.

Gathering and digesting this information is easier than before, but it remains a challenge for hard-pressed private and public entities promoting tourism destinations or developing tourism services.

The info day will therefore focus on the most important EU programmes for the tourism sector, around practical questions:

  • type of tourism-related actions eligible for funding;
  • type and level of funding;
  • who can apply;
  • how  to apply.

Programmes covered include

  • COSME,
  • European Regional Development fund,
  • European Agriculture and Rural Development Fund,
  • Creative Europe Programme, …

Participation is free. 

Registration for he Infoday is compulsory at the Commission website.

The draft programme will follow shortly.

The meeting will be webstreamed. Follow the link:

Workshop on IT Tools for Tourism, 21 March 2014

The objective of the Workshop on ICT for Tourism is to discuss the opportunities and challenges posed by the technological progress for the tourism small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

This workshop is organised for the tourism SME associations, national tourism organisations, chambers of commerce, young entrepreneurs organisations, etc., which play a key role in boosting their members' digital literacy.

Special focus will be placed on presentation of the "Tourism-IT portal" and other ICT tools to the stakeholders, which are crucial for their promotion and dissemination among tourism SMEs.

The Tourism-IT portal has been developed as part of the European Commission's activities to boost competitiveness of the tourism SMEs in general and their uptake of ICT in particular.

Once launched in March 2014, it will provide a one-stop-shop with ICT tools and information packages for setting-up, managing and promoting tourism businesses.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for :

  • The EC to present the Tourism-IT portal
  • Stakeholders that will be involved in its promotion to get acquainted with its structure and functionalities
  • The audience to be informed about other projects supporting advanced use of ICT by tourism businesses and discuss the challenges posed by the global digital market
  • The EC to collect feedback about the portal and other initiatives related to promotion of ICT in tourism.

More information and registration for the Workshop at the Commission website.


General Information

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Location: Brussels
Start Date: 20/03/2014
End Date: 21/03/2014




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