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4th Summer School in Tourism Management. Economic Impacts of Festivals and Events


Gozo 2014 photo collageOTIE Summer school, Gozo, Malta, 29 July to 5 August 2014

The design and realization of events has become an important activity because it can accelerate the growth of European tourist destinations. OTIE - the Observatory on Tourism in the European Islands offers this course on the economic, social and environmental impacts of events.

OTIE logo

The Summer School “Learning in tourism” is an initiative of Observatory on Tourism in the European Islands (OTIE). One of the main objectives of OTIE is to organize training seminars and courses, giving the occasion to participants to know the tourism sector and to apply their knowledge in the development planning.


The main goals of the summer school are:

  1. To improve  knowledge of the English language and to encourage fluency of the English language, through face-to-face conversations;
  2. To promote knowledge of tourism management;
  3. To discuss tourism development with the participation of international experts;
  4. To identify best practice in tourism at the international level;
  5. To increase knowledge on cultural and natural heritage of Maltese Archipelago;
  6. To facilitate cultural and social exchanges among participants, coming from different European States;
  7. To award participants a certificate of attendance, referring to the issues covered and the skills acquired by participants;
  8. To understand tourism dynamics in a small island State, particularly during  peak tourism periods.

One-Day Meeting

Inside the summer school, OTIE organizes a Daytime Meeting on “Festivals and events impacts" on the 5th August, a session open to researchers that want to present studies on events and their impacts.
Only 10 abstracts will be accepted and the papers presented at the daytime meeting will be considered for publication in European Journal of Tourism Research – EJTR.

Further information

For full details about the summer school programme, registration, fees, travel details - visit the OTIE Summer School website