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UrbAccess. Urban Accessibility and Universal Conception Show and Conference


urbaccess logo12 and 13 February 2014, Paris, France.
URBACCESS has the ambition to present the full range of solutions for cities that are accessible and inclusive for all citizens, all along the access journey.

A change in our living environments, either professional or personal, which applies to all Western countries. These solutions are of direct relevance to a large portion of the society:

  •     People with disabilities, temporary or lasting, for whom disability rights legislation exists.
  •     Older people, who represent an ever growing part of the population.
  •     Children, the future of our societies, who have only recently begun to be considered in urban planning.


CNIT Paris, La Défence


Full details about how to particpate are available at the website of UrbAccess


The conference programme includes two sessions dedicated to inclusive, accessible tourism, with ENAT members: Région VisitParis / Île de France, Peter Neumann and Ivor Ambrose among those giving presentations.

View the Conference Programme 


When it comes to it, the whole of society aspires today to more livable, comfortable, mobile and participative cities which afford a better quality of life. We are seeing the development of a new market, driven by innovation in all sectors: construction industry, environmental services, green spaces, leisure and culture, transportation, information technologies and services.

Urbaccess provides the opportunity to companies and professionals to show their innovations and their solutions to a public made of decision-makers, coming from the project ownership and the prime contracting sectors, all working on practical projects.

Accessibility, along with the quality of urban life, represents an astounding market for the next thirty years, and therefore a real opportunity for professional development.

The exhibitors at the first two editions of Urbaccess have thus built up many business collaborations, confirming the market is out there.

Urbaccess is also a series of high-level conferences addressing the important practical themes around the inclusive city for all.

Exhibitors, speakers, partners and visitors… have widely contributed to make us aware of this growing market. They confirmed the extent of the need for products and solutions local governments; the private sector and citizens have for over the next years.

Spending allocated to accessibility is constantly growing and will be maintained for years.

If accessibility and urban life quality is central in your business, come and be present at the Urbaccess show. Your solutions are the ones decision-makers will choose in the first place!

Urbacess, city planning' solutions for all citizens.