1st MENA-ENAT (Euro-Arab) Accessible Tourism for All & Jordan Tourism 4 All Forum & Expo

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11-13 December 2013, Aqaba, Jordan. (Note change of venue). ENAT & Jordan MICE in collaboration with the Jordan Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities, have lined up the 1st Forum & Expo for Euro-Arab cooperation for sustainable accessible destinations: Tourism for All.

Jordan Dead Sea sunset with visitors and wheelchairsJordanian Sunset.

JORDAN AQABA - RED SEA, 11-13 December 2013: ENAT, Jordan MICE & AQABA Special Economic Zone Authority-ASEZA in collaboration with the Jordan Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities, have lined up the 1st Forum & Expo and accessibility training sessions linked to Euro-Arab cooperation for sustainable accessible destinations: Tourism for All.

Under the Patronage of HRH Prince Ra’ad Bin Zeid, Lord Chamberlain to His Majesty the King, Chairman of the Higher Council for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities (HCD) & Chairman of Forum Higher Committee.

Please note the change of venue from Dead Sea to Aqaba - Red Sea.

Follow link to the Speakers and Programme page


The organizers invite decision makers, professionals, technicians and NGOs to attend:

  • tourism industry executives, officials in government, UN, EU and Euro-Arab agencies,
  • tourism and travel service providers from arrival-to-departure;
  • agencies related to tourism and economic development, employability for integration of persons with disabilities;
  • SMEs, training & skills development, research, education
  • in/out-bound travel industry leaders 

- who need to stay ahead and understand the dynamics of this accessible tourism market niches, trends and challenges facing the industry.

Learn how to prepare for, attract and sustain this Euro-Arab emerging and fast growing market, which is estimated at 203 million Euro-MENA potential tourists, if their access requirements met.

With the collaboration of public, private and NGO supporters and sponsors from the Middle East North Africa region.  


To share together with the MENA destination managers and policymakers this message that:

“Accessible tourism must become a priority, not only for the good of the tourists, but also for the long-term sustainability of destinations and businesses in the tourism economy within the MENA region countries."

To identify measures and actions that develop better, inclusive and accessible destinations for everyone in Jordan & MENA region countries in order to increase the arrivals of international tourists with specific access requirements. These are the ultimate purposes of the 1st MENA-ENAT (Euro-Arab) Forum-Expo.

This event also aims to address the following:

  • To raise awareness that equal opportunities and the HUMAN RIGHTS must be a reality for all European, Jordanian and the MENA region citizens, to enjoy new experiences and receive the appropriate services, according to their needs and rights under the; UN Convention on Rights of People with Disabilities, article 30 and The World Tourism Organization’s Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (UNWTO, 1999);
  • To highlight the economic benefits to the destinations in the MENA region and why to be fully inclusive and accessible, through sharing lessons, better practices in training and presenting business cases from Europe and Arab initiatives on how to be prepared and sustain accessible tourist products’ offers;
  • To showcase and support the importance of integrating ACCESSIBLE TOURISM into Jordan & MENA NATIONAL TOURISM STRATEGY AGENDA 
  • To establish a regional Euro-Arab partnership platform for coordination and cooperation, with the purpose to exchange leading-edge policies and practices for better accessible destinations, in order to increase the market shares between the two regions.
  • To enable service providers, destinations and product developers/distributors to exhibit  


  1. To declare a "Resolution/Manifesto" within the theme "the MENA-EURO RED SEA ACCESSIBLE TOURISM FOR EVERYONE " with focus on what each actor and stakeholder should do to enhance national, regional and universal accessibility;
  2. To inaugurate the MENA-ENAT REGIONAL OFFICE, hosted in AMMAN-JORDAN by Jordan Tourism Board (JTB), to act as a liaison and facilitator organization with all Euro-Arab partners, to develop an accessible tourism common regional strategy to promote universal accessibility;
  3. To establish 1st ARAB-NETWORK FOR ACCESSIBLE TOURISM/the ANAT, with the aim to promote and develop start-ups National – Networks for Accessible Tourism for All within Middle Eastern and North African Countries;
  4. To launch ENAT-ANAT Destinations Excellency Award, for tourist sites that best represent 'Accessible Tourism', to give accessible tourism more visibility and that destinations all around MENA region to start following Award Winners as their example;
  5. To launch a regional EMPLOYMENT DEVELOPMENT FUND INITIATIVE and a REGIONAL TRAINING HUB with the purpose to prepare the industry chain of service providers and integrate people with disabilities into TOURISM LABOUR MARKET and deliver access product offers and

Event Logistics Note

Working language is English and Arabic (other languages on request) with professional translation. There is a charge for registration, ENAT members (150$) and non-ENAT members (250$). For details on registration and accommodation, local transportation, visas and other logistics can be found at:


Participants and Exhibitors are invited to register by downloading and filling in the form from the right-hand panel

Contact Details

For further information or enquiries, please contact Ms. Liza Fayyad: Event Management Coordinator
Email: info@jordanmice.org
Cell Phone: +962 79 0136213
Landline: +962 6 5661533

Download this event announcement in PDF format from the right-hand panel.

Mövenpick 5 * Hotel, Aqaba Accommodation and Event Venue

Mövenpick Resort & Residences Aqaba

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Person to contact for information:
Mrs. Layali Nashashibi
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The accommodation rate for participants is 75 JD for the single room in a B.B Basis and 80 JD for the double room in a B.B Basis.