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ENAT International Tourism for All Congress, 2007


On behalf of the European Network for Accessible Tourism it is my great pleasure to join in welcoming you to the ENAT International Tourism for All Congress, 2007.

The growth of ENAT from a hopeful idea in 2005 to a thriving information and collaboration network today is a great achievement and deserves to be celebrated. This Congress, held in the Region of Valencia, the part of Spain known widely for its hosting of this year’s Americas Cup, will be a unique opportunity for ENAT Members and guests to set their sails and set out on new voyages of discovery together in the realm of tourism for all.

I am sure that this Congress will - first and foremost – give participants the chance to learn about what is actually happening with regard to accessible tourism in Europe today. Because in 2007 - “The European Year of Equal Opportunities for All” - we have gone beyond talking and beyond ideas. There is real practical progress to report: many exciting experiences, accessible destinations, venues, activities, good practices, policy initiatives and other efforts to bring about Tourism for All in many cities, regions and countries of Europe.

This Congress will be a celebration of what has been achieved, as well as a weather vane, showing the tourism sector the direction we must go in the future to fulfil our common ambition of accessible tourism for all.

I warmly encourage you to take this chance to meet fellow practitioners, experts, tourism providers, customers and many more enthusiasts. So do come and share your experiences and views with us in Valencia.  Welcome!

For more information see: 2007-ENAT Congress