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XII World Leisure Congress, Rimini, Italy


2012 World Leisure Congress, Rimini logoRimini, Italy, 30 Septenber to 3 October 2012. Playing host to the 2012 World Leisure Congress, Rimini has accepted the challenge of and committed itself to repositioning and interpreting the meaning of "Leisure", in light of the changes that are influencing our lifestyle in an ever faster and dynamic way.

This Mission belongs not only to the Congress but also to the destiny of the country hosting the 2012 edition: in fact the very concept of otium (Latin for leisure) originated in Italy.

Moreover, in Italy, Rimini is precisely the place that has for decades been the symbol of otium's new borders.


The Vision that the city wants to pursue is in tune with the area hosting the event: from 2012 onwards, anyone who talks about new leisure will have to mention the events in Rimini. In media language, the basic idea is: "after the 2012 WL Congress, leisure will never be the same again".

In this twelfth edition of the World Leisure Congress, leisure is moving to "the city". The topics of the Congress will deal with all the material and less obviously transformations connected to the enormous urban development which has been seen in recent times and which will be seen even more shortly in the future throughout the world. All of this will take place where the model of urban civilization was born: Italy.

The Municipality of Rimini and the Convention Bureau della Riviera di Rimini are pleased to invite you to participate in this important event and they look forward to seeing you in Rimini for an unforgettable experience.


The programme has been devised to consider four key aspects:

September 30 - PEOPLE
Can we ensure that people are put first in all future developments?

October 1 - PLACE
Can we successfully, plan, design or transform the urban environment to meet new demands for improvements to the quality of life?

October 2 - PASSION
Can we identify how cities, products and services can be driven to success by their passionate advocates?

Can we identify key ingredients and the extent to which leisure contributes to the social, cultural and economic success of cities?

Further information

Visit the XII World Leisure Congress website

EENAT small logoNAT will take part in Day 1 and 2 of the Congress with a presentation on Accessibility of Websites, Information and ICTs in the Tourism Sector.
For more information visit The HUB at