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Open Conference on the European Tourism Quality Label


EU flagBrussels, Belgium 25 January 2012.

After several rounds of consultations with actors and stakeholders in the tourism sector, the European Commission invites discussion on the possible shape and implementation of a quality label for European tourism destinations and enterprises.


Participation is free of charge.


To register and read the background documents, visit the Commission website

The final day for registration is 18 January 2012.


Borchette Conference Centre, Rue Belliard, Brussels.

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Draft Agenda: 25 January 2012

 9:30-10:00 Registration and welcome coffee
10:00 Welcome speech by Mattia Pellegrini, Member of the Cabinet of Vice-President Tajani
10:15 Introduction – Presentation of the preparatory work and the outcome of the consultation: Pedro Ortún, Director
10:30 Open discussion on outcome of the consultation and the open questions - Moderator: Francesca Tudini, Head of Unit
Points of discussion:

  • Organisational framework
  • Scope of application and the scope of recognition
  • Principles
  • Criteria
  • The involvement of the public authorities of the MS
  • The Board(s) – Composition, working procedures
  • Auditors & recognition procedure

12:50 – 13:00 Speech by MEP Carlo Fidanza
13:00 – 14:30 Lunch break
14:30 – 15:00 Speech by Vice-President Tajani: The Commission's Approach towards the ETQ label
15:00 Open discussion on the main elements of the Commission's approach towards the ETQ label: Moderator: Pedro Ortún
17:15 – 17:30 Conclusions and next steps: Vice-President Tajani (to be confirmed)

Update 2/3/2012. Comment received from conference participant, Charles Bélanger, ISTO-OITS, ENAT Member:

"The conference was interesting with a lot of exchanges between the Commission and the participants. It is obviously a long and not easy process with people having different views on this issue but the Commission seems to be really decided to move on and reach concrete results in the coming months.

I made an intervention linked to the scope of application saying that we were in favor of this label but suggesting that they should start, at least for the pilot phase, with one or two sectors, instead of working with all the sectors at the same time. I indicated that for the accommodation sector for instance, it was necessary to take into account not only the hotels but all type of accommodation such as holiday villages and centers, youth hostels and so on in order to show that even for one sector it is not so simple. I did not insist on the accessibility issue which was raised by other participants and which is – from I what I understood - clearly in the mind of the Commission".

General Information

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Start Date: 25/01/2012
End Date: 25/01/2012




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