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Basque Country - Accessible Tourism Destination


Vitoria - Gasteiz photo by Basquetour10 November 2011. Vitoria - Gasteiz, Spain. In the framework of the European Week for Quality and Excellence, this event presents the "Euskadi for All" Tourism Label Programme of the Basque Government, EU market analysis and good practices in the creation of “tourist establishments for all".

Vitoria - Gasteiz photo by Basquetour


Invited participants: Touristic sector and other related sectors

Starts at: 17:30 h. Rough duration: 1 h 30 min.

1. Presentation of the results of the programme “Tourism for all in the Basque Country” and challenges for the future

Speaker: Isabel Muela, Tourism Director of the Basque Government
Duration: 15 min.


  • The reason of the program
  • Number of participating establishments
  • Created offer and pilot marketing
  • Challenges for the future

2. Analysis of overseas market of “Tourism for all”.

Speaker: Ivor Ambrose, ENAT Managing Director.
Duration: 45 min.


  • Demand
  • Best – Good practices in this field
  • Key factors for future development
  • His opinion about the program “Tourism for all in the Basque Country”.
  • Challenges for the future

3. Good practices in the creation of “tourist establishments for all”.

Speakers: different touristic establishments of the program that improve remarkably their accessibility.
Duration: 10 min each establishment.

  • Why they began with the program
  • What is the benefit of being part of this program
  • More value to current customers?
  • Number of new gained customers

Place: Basque Government in Vitoria- Gasteiz

Presenter: Joseba (Basquetour)


ENAT member logoThe event is co-organised by ENAT Full Member, Grupo Adapta, accessibility consulting company.