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9th Annual ESPAnet Conference. Sustainability and Transformation in European Social Policy


ESPAnet conference bannerValencia, Spain. 8 to 10 September 2011.

ESPAnet conferences attempt to stimulate exchange among scholars in the field of European social policy analysis and to promote inter- and multi-disciplinary approaches.

The 9th Annual ESPAnet Conference 2011 focuses on sustainability and transformation of European Social Policy.

The conference focuses on factors related to the sustainability of European social policy. It aims to enhance our understanding of concepts such as governance and citizenship, as well as consider the sustainability of existing social benefits and their funding, in the context of shifting political ideas about the future of social protection systems in Europe. We encourage participants to addresses these topics from a range of methodological and comparative perspectives, as well as theoretical and interdisciplinary vantage points.

Programme extract

Stream 17. Tourism, Leisure and Social Welfare

Stream convenor: Stephanie Carretero (University of Valencia)

SESSION 17A: Friday 9th of September – 13.30 – 14.30; Room 5 (Salón de Actos Manuel Sanchis I Guarner – building B)

Oral presentation Social tourism and its social policy value for vulnerable families 1.- Lynn Minnaert

Oral presentation North African immigrant women and sport for social integration. 1.- Antonio Santos Ortega; 2.- Enriqueta Balibrea Melero

Contributed paper Social tourism: Research for the improvement of knowledge in accessible social tourism for all in Spain 1.- Mireia Ferri Sanz

SESSION 17B: Friday 9th of September – 16.30 – 17.30; Room 5 (Salón de Actos Manuel Sanchis I Guarner – building B)

Oral presentation Away from daily routines – holiday as a standard of prevailing society and manifestation of unequal society. 1.- Minna Ylikännö

Oral presentation Supply side perspectives on Social Tourism. 1.- Carol Stamm; 2.- Scott McCabe; 3.- Sarah Johnson


Further information

Visit the website of the ESPAnet Conference