Accessible Tourism for Europe

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Accessible Tourism for Europe is a project promoting raising the quality of accessible tourism for all through training and development of tourism staff competences in order to make them ready to welcome the guests with special needs.


Project activities are focused on stimulating the best use of results and exchange of well-proven methods in education and training staff in tourism facilities for communication with health handicapped tourists.

The key aim is to enhance the quality of education and professional training through development of a training tool for engaged lecturers and trainers.

The project partnership aims to create a new toolkit for development of soft skills and competencies in accessible tourism (AT). In this area there is, on the one hand, a lack of suitably trained staff and tailored training tools; on the other hand there is a strong need for new flexible approaches in training which would respect trainees’ real needs, capabilities and upcoming trends and demands for development of human resources competencies. 

The emphasis will be placed on joint creation of a training package consisting of effective training methodology and supportive learning tools. Mobility actions will provide the platform for discussions and will encourage joint activities towards development of AT.


The key aim is to enhance exchange of experience, best practices, emerge of new ideas and thus the quality of education and professional training in a specific accessible tourism field. The specific aim is to create a training package consisting of an effective training programme for development of professional knowledge of trainers, soft skills and competencies necessary in accessible tourism sector such as: - better understanding of special needs of particular groups of tourists, - identification of the legal framework for AT; effective and attractive training methodology (providing different educational methods) and supportive learning tools for trainees which would respect trainees’ real needs, capabilities and upcoming trends and demands for development of human resources competencies.


The main output will be the “ATP-accessible tourism package” – toolkit for improve soft skills and competencies of staff in hospitality sector in 3 language version: English, Italian and Czech. Project outcomes will be incorporated into the partners training programme portfolio, will update and upgrade so far used methods and tools and possibly will be used in the process of classification of tourism facility standards.


Seen from a wider perspective, the project outcomes are expected to bring benefits to:

  • tourism providers and their staff: development of professional skills, soft skill of the staff; raising quality of service (well-educated and trained staff is a basic requirement to high-quality service provided) and thus competitiveness and market share
  • partners’ staff - the lecturers, trainers and consultants: enrichment of their professional skills and knowledge on AT in partner countries)
  • tourists with special access needs.


The “ATE” project has been funded with support from the European Commission, Leonardo da Vinci programme, Partnership projects. Project No: CZ/09/LLP-PS/LdV/033


01-08-2009 to 30-07-2011


KAZUIST, spol. s r.o.
Husova 401, 739 61, Třinec – Staré Mfěsto,
Contact person: Mrs. Ilona Ostruszková, phone No: +420 558 335 479


Tourism for All UK, The United Kingdom;
ANBBA – Associazione Nazionale dei Bed & Breakfast e Affittacamere, Italy;

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  • Project Newsletter in PDF format (English version).
  • Project description in WORD format.

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