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Sport and leisure for all in Vuokatti, Finland

01/06/2010 | 0 comments

For long Vuokatti is known worldwide for its superb sports and leisure facilities. It has been a regular host for all  level of athletes and individuals who enjoy practicing a physical activity in a purely natural and friendly setting.

In relation to sports, In over 50 years Vuokatti has been host to many training camps to both able body and disabled individuals pursuing their own level of excellence. Since 2005 years we have been honoured to have among us the world's best Paralympic Cross-counrty skiers and biathletes whilst hosting numerous World Cups and the World Championships.

For us here in Vuokatti it has been more than just these past years of preparing for such events as the World Championships in 2009;  We are truly commited to offering top conditions to all who dream and work towards Sporting Excellence as well as promote and motivate all to pursue a healthy and exhilirating lifestyle through physical activity.

We have a special admiration for those who strive through adverse hardships and yet find the energy, motivation and desire to practice sport and/or stay fit. These ladies and gentlemen are true examples; the heroes of our time.

 It is with this spirit that the ELMA project was created! Now, we here strive for the...
Development of a Sustainable and Accessible Sport Environment for the Disabled... FOR ALL!!!

The Elma project is focussed on developing a sustainable, Universally Accessible destination for all. The aim is to bring awareness and preparedness to Service providers as well as create the activities and programs for all in the field of sport and leisure tourism; this includes the development of camps, events and educational seminars and events that will bring further social inclusion and fairness to all.

We presently work in Unison with a close relation to local organizations and also a Healthy European network of Paralympic committees and sports and well being centers catering to the disabled.

Presently we are continuing to expand our network and our direct relation with the EU.

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Submitted by: Silva Danny
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Start Year: 2010
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