Puedo Viajar (I Can Travel), Jaén, Spain

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We are working in a national project (“Puedo Viajar”) funded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (Plan Avanza 2009), which aims to provide information and several services on Accessible Tourism through the internet.

Logo of Fejidif accessible tourism The aim of this project is to develop an eTourism Platform for Accessible Tourism based on accessible tools for Web 2.0

We intend to build an e-Portal that provides complete and reliable information, which will be also a meeting point to share information and experiences and to express suggestions, compliments and complaints related to travel, tourism and accessibility.

Survey of People with Disabilities

The starting point of this project is the understanding of needs, challenges and demands of people with disabilities in relation to tourism. To do so we've developed a survey to know the experiences, needs and habits related to the travel and tourism of people with disabilities. That preliminary investigation will help us to define who needs what and how to spread information and different ways to access to information and interact with the e-Platform.

Our survey can be filled online: Puedo Viajar Survey.
At the moment, (March 2010), the survey has been completed by more than 300 persons from the different provinces of Spain.

Project Blog

We have created a blog http://puedoviajar.blogspot.com to spread information about accessible tourism and where we inform about our project and the result of the above
mentioned investigation.

The end date of the project is September 2011, when the e-Platform must be ready.

Download the Project Summary in PDF format (in English or Spanish) from the right-hand panel.

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