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Europe Senior Tourism

20/11/2009 | 0 comments

EST project logoThe Spanish government would like to make it as easy as possible for seniors from other EU countries to enjoy their your free time, which is why it is proposing active holidays during the winter in Spain, by organizing a full trip for which it will pay a portion of the expense.

This is the primary objective sought out by this innovative program: to propose options for vacations, so that seniors can take advantage of the free time they enjoy.

At the same time, tourism is a great way to bring the different cultures living side-by-side in Europe closer together and to get them to know more about each other. This is why Europe Senior Tourism’s trips also form part of the attempt to strengthen the idea of European citizenship.

Another of the goals pursued by the programme is to do something about one of the serious problems experienced by the tourism industry: its seasonal nature. Europe Senior Tourism has created this way to re-invigorate economic activity during the low season at Spanish destinations, which are fully prepared to welcome visitors during the wintertime, in terms of both infrastructure and human resources. Plus, this will promote employment through active policies, helping maintain and create jobs.

Programme definition

A new way to enjoy your free time has come to the European Union via Spain. European citizens over the age of 55 will be able to take part in a full programme for spending their holidays in Spain during the low season for tourism.

A mild climate, all types of activities, friendly service, a wide range of different gourmet foods, culture, nature… and all under the best conditions and with the greatest ease, in organized trips for groups, including transportation, lodging at selected 4-star hotels, meals, recreational activities and travel insurance.

You will share experiences with other European seniors in an ambience designed for your comfort and for active enrichment.

To make everything easy and accessible for all, the Spanish government and the autonomous regions of Andalusia and the Balearic Islands will pay for a part of the travel cost, an initiative which forms part of what is known as social tourism. Have fun, relax and rest.

Information about the trip

Visit Spain:

  • For €343 (7 nights) if you travel from Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic or Poland.
  • For €365 (7 nights) if you travel from France, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Romania or Ireland.

Prices include round-trip airfare, transportation to and from the hotel, full board, activities, and travel insurance, staying at 4-star hotels at the Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz (Andalusia), Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza.

Eligibility and Booking

In this first year, from October 2009 through April 2010, those European citizens over the age of 55 years with residency in any European Union countries, except Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, can gain access to the programme.

After a public selection process conducted by the Spanish authorities, VIAJES ZOETROPE has been appointed to organize, market, run and manage this new programme.

Bookings may be arranged through the website:

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General Information

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Language(s): DE | EN | ES | FR | IT
Start Year: 2009
End Year: 2010
Acronym: EST
Countries: Spain


Publisher: SEGITTUR
Date published on the web: 30/10/2009

Target Group(s)

Older people / Seniors


Accommodation services | Social tourism