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ETCAATS: European Training Certificate - Access for All in the Tourism Sector

26/10/2009 | 0 comments

ETCAATS logoThe ETCAATS project has two main aims: 1). to develop an online training course in accessible tourism from existing innovative content selected from previous Swedish work, supplemented with other international training materials; and 2). to develop a ‘Road Map’ for an EU certification system for the area of accessible tourism vocational training, in line with the European Qualifications Framework.

The target groups for the course include employers and personnel in the tourism industry.

The ETCAATS project aims to have a direct impact on the tourism sector by enabling tourism providers, who have taken the course, to make their offers accessible for the 127 million Europeans who are looking for such facilities and services.

The project will make a direct contribution to national vocational training for the tourism sector by providing an online resource which can be directly used in teaching and learning by training institutions.

The certification of accessible tourism training will enhance the importance and relevance of catering for disabled and older persons in the tourism sector, which in turn will help Europe meet its obligations as a signatory to the UN Convention of Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities, 2006.

The project will deliver an online training programme and a common European certification framework for staff training in accessible tourism services. Innovative pilot training schemes and materials developed by the project partners and others in previous Leonardo, National and Regional projects will be collected and analysed by a transnational teams of experts. A modular system for training and certification will be developed, taking into account 1). the access needs of customers, 2) knowledge, skills and competences needed by trainees, 3). current hospitality and tourism service training, and 4). the European Qualification Framework.

The Consortium is made up of partners experienced in accessibility and training. They will collect, adapt, update and package innovative material to serve as online courseware. They will work with ENAT to propose a certification programme for European, national, regional and local vocational training systems. Pilot testing will take place with trainees from social partners and companies, including at least 3 small and medium-sized tourism enterprises (SMEs) in each participating country.

A tested model of the "ETCAATS - European Training Certificate - Access for All in the Tourism Sector" will be offered via an online training environment, providing a standard for a transferable qualification based on modular and extendable courseware.

The training framework and tools will provide a Europe-wide reference for future training courses in accessible tourism, leading to a moderated, effective and efficient delivery and certification of access training in the tourism sector.


Vellinge Municipality, Sweden (Project promotor).

Access Sweden

ANLH asbl., Belgium

Toegankelijkheidsbureau vzw., Belgium

Disability Now, Greece

Work Research Centre, Ireland

European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT) asbl., Belgium

EWORX S.A., Greece

e-Learning Course "Access Training"

Update 31.12.2011

ETCAATS AccessTraining logoThe ETCCATS Access Training introductory course for tourism business owners, managers and employees was launched in mid-December 2011.

The training course addresses ways of making tourism businesses more profitable and how to serve customers who have specific access requirements. The course is an "appetizer" which gives a general introduction to the subject of accessible tourism. It includes short texts, videos with case studies of actual businesses, and references.

It is especially suitable both for owners of businesses and for employees in the tourism industry who wish to learn more about the advantages of this market and how to attract and serve new customers .

Following user testing and results of the user survey, the final version of the e-learning course is provided at:

After taking the free e-learning course, participants who are interested in further accessibility training may contact ETCAATS for further face-to-face training offered by a network of training partners in Europe. 

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General Information

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Author(s): Ivor Ambrose
Language(s): EN
Start Year: 2009
End Year: 2011
Acronym: ETCAATS
Countries: Belgium | Greece | Ireland | Sweden


Publisher: ENAT
Date published on the web: 01/02/2010

Target Group(s)

Employees and Trades Unions | Employers and Employers organisations | Professionals and professional bodies | Tour guides | Tour operators | Tourist venue owners / managers | Travel agents


Accessibility auditing | Accessibility information, access guides | Accommodation services | Age-related issues, (seniors) | Assistive Technologies | Customer relations | Design Guidelines, Design-for-All | Disability, disabilities, technical aids | Education, training | Employment, working conditions | Hotel management, hotel business | Information and Communication Technologies | Management of tourist venues and attractions | Special services for disabled visitors | Staff training | Tourist information services | Transport services | Travel agents | Travel services