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tactall: a European Initiative to Improve Skills in the Accessibility Market

15/10/2009 | 0 comments

tactall project logoThe project aims to create new learning packages for on-line delivery, promote ’The Accessible City’ concept and improve the skills, knowledge and awareness of companies and employees associated with the tourism sector.

Co-funded by the EU Leonardo Programme, this "transfer of innovation" project builds on the methods and experience of a previous Leonardo project, ERTD “European RuralTourism”


  • Transfer experience in tackling ‘accessibility’ issues to promote Tourism for all
  • Develop new training course based on methodology of ERTD project
  • Pilot/evaluate new learning modules/content
  • Seek to integrate in national VET frameworks
  • Disseminate outcomes to stakeholders
  • Investigate potential to establish Accessible City network in Europe

Target Groups

  • People who work within the Tourism and Hospitality sector (or any other service sector)
  • Teachers and new learners in the Tourism and Hospitality sector (or other service sector)
  • Staff in political and social institutions and organisations who make decisions and policy regarding tourism, particularly in relation to accessibility for the disabled, older people, carers.

Primary Project Outcomes

  • Identification of training needs through analysis of target groups in partner countries.
  • Adaptation of ERTD course structures (, processes and procedures to new modular training package.
  • Creation of new learning and e-learning content.
  • Piloting, trialling and evaluating of the “Accessible City” training package.
  • Creation of the Accessible City project website/web portal which will facilitate discussion forums and communication.
  • Investigation of the potential for integration within national curricula and/or qualification frameworks.
  • Dissemination and exploitation of project results.
  • Development of the Accessible City Network.

Skills Objectives

  • Understand the meaning of functional diversity
  • Know where to find (relevant) information, resources and possibilities
  • Analyse and understand social, cultural and economic reasons for accessibility for all
  • Acquire the ability to interact with different groups with functional diversities
  • Understand the needs the of functionally diverse people and the services available to them
  • Learn how to improve the services and state any changes the business needs to make (ACTION plan)
  • Understand the policy and legislation of your own country/region with regard to accessibility
  • Understand how to communicate with members of staff (and others) to make them aware of need to make services accessible to all
  • CaseStudies

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General Information

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Author(s): tactall team
Language(s): EN
Start Year: 2009
End Year: 2011
Acronym: tactall
Countries: Belgium | Denmark | Hungary | Italy | Spain | United Kingdom


Publisher: Norton Radstock College
Date published on the web: 30/09/2009

Target Group(s)

Academics / teachers | Employees and Trades Unions | Professionals and professional bodies | Public administrators / Authorities | Students | Tour guides | Tour operators | Tourist venue owners / managers | Travel agents


Accessibility information, access guides | Accommodation services | Age-related issues, (seniors) | Attractions | Catering, restaurants, cafés | Customer relations | Disability, disabilities, technical aids | Education, training | Employment, working conditions | Food and drink | Hospitality | Hotel management, hotel business | Information and Communication Technologies | Management of tourist venues and attractions | Nature holidays | Special services for disabled visitors | Staff training