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Dreams Academy

22/02/2009 | 0 comments


The Dreams Academy is an international social responsibility project where culture and art education is provided to disabled and socially disadvantaged youngsters free of charge.

The project comprises workshops of vocal, rhythm, dance, film, photograph, DJ, instrument, painting and animation. The participants will acquire competency to get a job in their own branches when they complete their workshop trainings.Overall Objective Art is one of the most significant means to develop and benefit from creative and productive individuals within the community.

As in many other areas of social life, young disabled individuals are deprived of the opportunities to produce and create in the artistic area as well. Experiencing “social exclusion” due to their physical and mental disabilities, this group represents the “major minority”. In fact, art is the most significant opportunity for the disadvantaged young people to express themselves, create new ideas and participate in the community in an active and equal way.

The most fundamental objective of the project is to eliminate social exclusion by using art and enable disabled individuals to become active and productive.

Special Objectives

  • To become a part of the solution in recruitment problems by facilitating the job finding process in the relevant sectors for disabled individuals whose talents and abilities improve,
  • To ensure that people who benefit from the project can pursue their relationships equally with their environments by using their acquired abilities in the social environment they live in and thereby, to improve the self-confidence of the individuals,
  • To contribute to ensure cultural integration, social rehabilitation and equal opportunities among disadvantaged groups,
  • To introduce civil society consciousness and the concept of volunteerism to the community; to create a natural education environment that contributes to the personal development of youngsters by allowing the development of values such as sharing, recognizing-accepting those who are different, adapting to diversities, solving problems, and being productive and creative,
  • To remove the barriers in front of alternative, creative and productive spirits,
  • To find and implement alternative solutions for the spiral, “Unhealthy Society - Unhealthy Individual” which emerges from factors such as sub-culture, arabesque way of thinking, corruption, laziness, ignorance and alcohol-cigarette addiction,
  • To ensure that a new, dynamic strength, which will be able to eliminate cultural corruption, can be formed,
  • To introduce universal social values to young people who struggle with anxieties and problems of life; to support social ability and solidarity; and to support them in developing characteristics of being a “world citizen” with high values.


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General Information

Submitted by: Tutal Ercan
Author(s): Ercan TUTAL
Language(s): EN | TR
Start Year: 2008
End Year: 2010
Acronym: Art-ist Has No Barrier
Countries: Turkey


Publisher: AYDER

Target Group(s)

Organisations of disabled people | People with disabilities | People with hearing impairments | People with learning difficulties | People with long-term health problems | People with mobility impairments | People with visual impairments | Volunteers | Wheelchair users


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