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Stockholm: "The Most Accessible Capital City in the World by 2010"

26/11/2008 | 0 comments

The city of Stockholm has set a goal, to be achieved at the latest by 2010, to be the most easily accessible capital of the world. The project, "Easy Access", coordinated by Stockholm City Council, plays an important part in reaching this goal.

The gains in adapting Stockholm to meet the needs of disabled persons, thereby making it possible for them to participate fully in the social life of the city, are numerous. A society that extends a welcome to everybody to participate in the city´s life, becomes a community that inspires all and sundry to care for her/his fellow-beings. Increased accessibility for disabled persons to points and places in the city also means ease-of-access for everybody.

The project of Easy Access started in January 1999. By resolution in the Stockholm City Real Estate and Traffic Committee, 100 million Skr per year during 1999-2002 were earmarked to increase the accessibility within the area of responsibility of the Real Estate and Traffic Committee.

Action Plan

Contact was established with all the City District administrations and organisations of disabled persons requesting them to point out suitable objects and corresponding actions in order to facilitate accessibility. Examples of measures to be taken included:

  • Walks, promenades and cycleways
  • Lifts, escalators and public conveniences
  • Playgrounds; also those in parks
  • Reducing level differences, ramps
  • Park benches
  • Improvements in parks
  • Railings and handrails
  • The lowering of kerb-stones, installing zebra-crossings and traffic lights
  • Flights of stairs, contrast markings on steps, etc.

The project is continuing, with additional physical improvements, guidance for shop owners and businesses, an annual competition and other intiatives.

Further information is available in Swedish and English at the Easy Access Project website.  

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General Information

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Author(s): City Of Stockholm
Language(s): EN | SV
Start Year: 1999
End Year: 2010
Acronym: Easy Access
Countries: Sweden


Publisher: City of Stockholm
Date published on the web: 24/11/2008

Target Group(s)

Consumers / travellers / tourists | Older people / Seniors | People with a service animal | People with disabilities | People with hearing impairments | People with learning difficulties | People with long-term health problems | People with mobility impairments | People with visual impairments | Policy makers /Decision makers / Government | Professionals and professional bodies | Public administrators / Authorities | Wheelchair users


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