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Lousã - Accessible Tourism Destination, Portugal

16/11/2008 | 0 comments

Logo of Lousa Accessible Destination projectLocated in the central region of Portugal, Lousã is an area which epitomises the unspoilt beauty of the Serra da Lousã mountain landscape.

Following an initiative to host the first National Accessible Tourism Conference in April 2007, Lousã civil society organised a Task Force to plan for the development of Lousã as the first Accessible Tourism Destination in Portugal. The project, which is supported by national and EU funding, aims to serve as an example both nationally and internationally.

One of the first actions of the Task Force has been the launch of an "Accessible Lousã" label for public and private enterprises. Over 100 members of the scheme have received the label, advertising their commitment to the objective of accessibility for disabled people, and their willingness to take concrete measures to improve access, so as to make Lousã a destination suitable for all visitors.  

See the Municipal website (reference in right-hand panel) for more information.

Photo of Talasnal Schist Village, Lousa




Photo of Talasnal schist village, Lousã region

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General Information

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Author(s): Provedoria da Deficiência - C. M. Lousã
Language(s): PT
Start Year: 2008
End Year: 2011
Countries: Portugal


Publisher: Provedoria da Deficiência - C. M. Lousã
Date published on the web: 14/11/2008

Target Group(s)

Academics / teachers | Consumers / travellers / tourists | Employees and Trades Unions | Employers and Employers organisations | Families with small children | Non-governmental organisations | Older people / Seniors | Organisations of disabled people | Organisations of older people | People with a service animal | People with disabilities | People with hearing impairments | People with learning difficulties | People with long-term health problems | People with mobility impairments | People with visual impairments | Policy makers /Decision makers / Government | Professionals and professional bodies | Public administrators / Authorities | Students | Tour guides | Tour operators | Tourist venue owners / managers | Travel agents | Travel companions, personal assistants | Volunteers | Wheelchair users


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