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Evaluation and accreditation program for accessible tourism sites and facilities

05/12/2007 | 0 comments

For over 25 years, Kéroul has been developing an accreditation program designating hotels, restaurants, museums and historical sites as adapted, partially accessible, or inaccessible to persons with restricted physical ability.

Objectives :
- to ensure the accuracy of information on accessibility;
- to evaluate the accessibility of tourism infrastructures;
- to disseminate information on accessibility;
- to provide tools to tourism and cultural stakeholders who wish to improve the accessibility of their sites and facilities.

Description :
The project started in 1979 in the province of Quebec. Tourism products present a number of shortcomings that challenge persons with restricted physical ability. Kéroul provides an important service by identifying accessible tourism facilities– including cultural sites– so clients have fair and accurate knowledge of the degree of accessibility. This information is then published in Accessible Quebec guides and directories on the tourism industry. Kéroul evaluates the accessibility of all tourism establishments in the province of Quebec in co-operation with tourism industry partners and other networks. The completed questionnaires are compiled and analyzed by Kéroul’s research department.

Resources needed :
- a research and development consultant supervises the work of the evaluators and compiles and computerizes the data.
- qualified persons with disabilities are hired to do evaluation work.

Partners :
Many organizations are involved in the evaluation process:
- Corporation de l’industrie touristique du Québec (Quebec tourism industry corporation) : this association’s evaluators are trained by Kéroul and complete the accommodation questionnaire;
- Camping Quebec : the sites are evaluated by an employee of the association;
- regional tourism associations : yearly publish the list of accessible sites in their directories;
- Tourism Quebec : recognizes Kéroul’s role in disseminating information on accessibility and allows Kéroul to present a Special Mention award at the Grands prix du tourisme québécois;
- Tourism Industry Quality Program : Kéroul’s criteria are the only ones recognized for assignment of ratings (adapted, partially accessible, and inaccessible).

Project development :
Kéroul has developed a survey process for evaluating and accrediting tourism sites:
- identify needs of clientele (evaluation priorities);
- analyze supply and demand per industry sector (presurvey);
- design questionnaires in terms of sectors to be evaluated;
- train evaluators;
- evaluate establishments;
- analyze and compile data;
- data processing;
- disseminate information to clientele (print and Internetbased guides published by Kéroul or the tourism industry);
- disseminate information to tourism industry (provide examples and advice to help establishments become accessible);
- present a special mention award at the Grand prix du tourisme québécois to a stakeholder that has made efforts to improve the accessibility of its site or establishment.

A complaint system has been set up for dissatisfied clients to submit their comments.

Results :
- accreditation is slowly but gradually increasing the number of accessible tourism and cultural establishments in Quebec;
- fair and accurate information for travellers with restricted physical ability has been disseminated;
- various documents have been produced to encourage owners and managers to improve the accessibility of their establishments. A guide, "Building Design and Hospitality… to Better Serve Your Clients", contains many design and renovation suggestions. Also, the pamphlet “Accès sans obstacles” provides resources and services for owners and managers of tourism and cultural establishments.

Key elements :
- creation of a survey process for evaluating and accrediting tourism sites and establishments;
- evaluation process done by persons with restricted physical ability;
- a single set of criteria for assignment of accessibility rating;
- incorporation of the criteria into the Quebec tourism industry’s quality program;
- publication of a guide, "Building Design and Hospitality… to Better Serve Your Clients".

Contact :
4545, avenue Pierre-De Coubertin, C.P. 1000, succursale M., Montréal, Quebec, Canada, H1V 3R2
Phone : +1-514-252-3104
Fax : +1-514-254-0766
E-mail :
Website :

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General Information

Submitted by: Evi Kostakou
Author(s): Kéroul
Language(s): EN | FR
Start Year: 1979
Countries: Canada


Publisher: Kéroul
Date published on the web: 31/12/2004

Target Group(s)

Consumers / travellers / tourists | Organisations of disabled people | People with disabilities | Professionals and professional bodies | Tourist venue owners / managers


Accessibility auditing | Accessibility information, access guides | Buildings and facilities design, maintenance | Design Guidelines, Design-for-All | Publishing | Tourist information services