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Parma : provincia per tutti

05/12/2007 | 0 comments

The province of Parma, thanks to its collaboration with the Tourism Department of the Councillorship for the Coordination of Social and Sanitary Policies, with the region Emilia-Romagna and “Si Può” association, has started a project for an accessible tourism named “Parma provincia per tutti” (Parma, a province for everybody), aimed at providing useful data to people with particular food, allergic, physical or age needs, or who have problems with mobility (temporary and permanent).

The gathered data, 450 structures detected along the most famous tourist itineraries around Parma, can be consulted online and are published in the 3 volumes of a technical guide respectively called "Accessible tourism. The Apennines around Parma", "Hills and Spas around Parma", and  "The river Po and the plain around Parma".

This is just the beginning of an itinerary within the province of Parma. This project, which is a pilot model on a regional basis and a highly innovative experience at national level, is aimed at establishing a local network of integrated services, such as information and online assistance, and also at educating tour operators to welcoming and travel planning.

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General Information

Submitted by: Evi Kostakou
Language(s): IT
Countries: Italy


Publisher: Province of Parma

Target Group(s)

Consumers / travellers / tourists | Organisations of disabled people | People with disabilities | People with long-term health problems | Policy makers /Decision makers / Government | Professionals and professional bodies | Public administrators / Authorities | Tour operators | Tourist venue owners / managers | Travel agents | Wheelchair users


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