Promotion of technical aspects of accessibility for tourism establishments in Mexico

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Publication of a technical manual on accessibility of the built environment, and organization of seminars for tourism service providers.

The objectives of the publication of a technical manual on accessibility in the built environment and of the organization of seminars for tourism service providers were : 
- to promote the construction of adequate spaces for persons with disabilities;
- to foster a culture of accessibility;
- to increase the integration of persons with restricted physical ability into the community.

The project started in January 2001 in Mexico. An Accessibility Recommendations manual was designed by the Office for the Representation and Integration of Persons with Disabilities (a federal agency). Its specifications are based on a universal design of products and environments to be usable by all persons.

The manual contains technical requirements for accessibility of public open spaces, and access to public buildings and facilities by persons with disabilities. These technical requirements are to be applied in the design, construction, and renovation of buildings and facilities.

The publication of 5,000 printed copies of the "Accessibility Recommendations" manual were distributed throughout Mexico and the manual is also available on the Internet at The seminars are attended by diverse groups and associations.

Technical seminars were designed to encourage appropriate construction. Under the supervision of the Tourism Ministry, municipal authorities convene meetings of various associations and interested members of the public to encourage participation in the seminars.

Resources needed:
Publication of the document and organization of the seminars were funded by the federal government. The Tourism Ministry coordinates the information seminars project for the tourism sector.

The Tourism Ministry works with the support of other federal entities and the collaboration of the various states and municipalities.
The project was established as a consequence of actions taken by the Office for the Representation and Integration of Persons with Disabilities, which reports to the Office of the President. The tourism sector was involved in the project to foster accessibility of new constructions and the restoration of establishments in the major tourism destinations of Mexico.

Key elements:
- collaboration among different levels of government;
- Accessibility Recommendations are based on universal design.

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