Travelocity Now Helps Travelers Find Hotel Reviews from Like-Minded People

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Travelocity offers travelers an updated, seamless process for searching user-generated reviews that will be valuable to customers with various needs, who have a possibility to familiarize themselves with a property before they arrive.

Since becoming the first major online travel site to offer user-generated traveler reviews, more than six years ago, Travelocity has seen them grow in popularity to the point where they are now a must-have resource for online hotel shoppers. And despite new features that have made it easier for travelers to submit reviews, until now there has been no easy way to know whether a particular review is relevant to a traveler’s own unique tastes and interests. Travelocity today announces a new hotel review tool that solves this problem, helping consumers find information from like-minded travelers.

This new tool gives travelers the ability to sort through tens of thousands of reviews to find information relevant to them in a range of categories: families, couples, with young kids, with teens, mature travelers, solo women, group of friends, with disabilities, with pets, other vacationers and business travelers.

“With this launch, we have taken user-generated content to another level,” said Noreen Henry, vice president of hotels and packaging for Travelocity. “Travelers do not have to scour the Web anymore for credible, relevant opinions – our new hotel reviews meet those needs.”

Travelocity’s new hotel reviews include a screening process for all reviews based on travelers’ unique interests and needs. Travelers create a customized profile and then contribute detailed feedback on criteria important to that type of traveler. For instance, travelers with disabilities provide comments on wheelchair accessibility, whereas pet lovers talk about pet friendly policies. By addressing these challenges of authenticity and relevance, this qualification process ensures that Travelocity customers are getting accurate information that’s relevant to them.

“Paired with Travelocity’s vast global hotel content, our revamped hotel traveler reviews allow travelers to find the right hotel for their needs and gather insight from travelers just like them,” Henry said.

Since Travelocity’s opinionated travelers know exactly what they’re looking for from their must have amenities, the enhanced review tool stores content on 16 amenities and services, and even allows reviewers to leave helpful tips and advice for fellow travelers regarding local restaurants, events and activities.

Travelocity currently features more than 88,000 reviews imbedded into the existing hotels and vacation packages shopping paths.