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House completely wheel chair friendly, for rent in Spetses, Greece

05/12/2007 | 0 comments

View of Spetses HouseFor the summer months this house that you can view at , is fully equipped with all facilities for anyone with or without a disability. We also are on call for anyone wanting to build or change a house to make it wheel chair friendly. Please contact for photos and more details. Also, visit us at
This house was in the OKIA magazine of July 2005 for being a traditional house but also wheel chair friendly.

We live in Spetses and our work is maintenance and construction. We have built this house for people with special needs and it is the only house on the island includling hotels, that is completely wheel chair friendly. We have come to realize through talking with our friend that is in a wheelchair, that most places that say they have facilities for a wheel chair usually only have some item that helps the disabled person, like a ramp or elevator. It is usually not complete accessibility.

The people that are building or designing these places are not in a wheelchair and have no clue as to what is really needed. Examples are, height of mirrors, widths of doors, pvc siphons for sinks instead of metal, heights of counters and depths of sinks and heights of plugs, locks on doors and latches, heights of toilets and handles in showers, shower heads and systems for hot water and on and on and on.

We would like to help any builder, architect or owner of a house or new building that needs ideas or help to plan for a completely workable house or work place that the person with disabilities can be comfortable including people that do not have the problem of getting around. This house on the site has been a very big success with people that do not have any problems, but when there is a person that needs these facilities, they have been so happy and astounded that they actually could find a place on an island to feel comfortable and have a great holiday. Many people think that it cost a lot more to make a house like this, but that is not true. The only things that may cost more is if a lift is needed, handles and sinks for the bathrooms. The rest is pretty basic. It just depends how you make the floors and ramps instead of stairs etc. If anyone would like us to oversee or help build please contact us at our email or telephone. 6945292687

We welcome any questions also if it will help. My name is Alexia Pappajion and my husband is Andreas Kypriotis.

Our real estate site is
We would really like to get people to realize that people with needs like this must have certain things made a certain way so they can use any facility.

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General Information

Submitted by: Pappajion Alexia
Author(s): Alexia Papajion
Language(s): EN
Countries: Greece

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People with disabilities | Wheelchair users


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