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ONAT4All is an important step towards achieving a more inclusive society by ensuring access and equal opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in outdoors and adventure tourism.

The project aims to contribute to improve knowledge, competences and skills in defining accessible tourism products, services and processes of the Tourism guides/public and private organizations, SMEs active in nature/adventure tourism and outdoor activities; C-VET providers and VET providers in tourism; Chambers of commerce; and DMO.

Its representatives will have more opportunities to participate in tailor-made learning paths in accessible tourism, and they will open their businesses to other customers, attracting internal and international flows, with economic benefits too.

The project will promote the commitment of local, regional and national authorities responsible for the provision of education and training for SMEs in tourism value chain to support the objectives of this project, fostering the specialization of educators and trainers working in tourism sector and consequently improving the provision of services dedicated to PWDs to make them able to fully enjoy tourism opportunities.

The project is funded by the EU ERASMUS+ Programme: Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training.

Project Information

Visit the ONAT4All Project Website

Download the ONAT4All ERASMUS+ Project Card from the Downloads section.