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Těšín Silesia for All

21/07/2015 | 0 comments

Tesin Silesia for All logoTěšín Silesia for all was a small Czech-polish cross-border project focused on accessible tourism. It was co-financed under the Cross-border Cooperation Operational Programme between Czech Republic and Poland – Microprojects Fund of Euroregion Těšín Silesia - Cieszyn Silesia. The project was successfully completed in June 2015.

Těšín Silesia (or Cieszyn Silesia) is a historical region in Central Europe along the border of the Czech Republic and Poland. This territory originally belonged to the Great Moravian Empire. In 1920, after the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire it was divided between the newly created countries – Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) and Poland. Common historical development and therefore similar traditions, character of the landscape, problems etc, it all offers great potential for the development of cross-border cooperation, including tourism.

Church in Bystrice, Tesin-SilesiaPhoto: Church in Bystrice (KAZUIST).
As a tourist destination, Těšín Silesia provides excellent conditions for diverse holiday activities all year long – walking, hiking, cycling, skiing, paragliding, horseback riding, fishing, golf, swimming or just relaxing in a spa or exploring the region. The main attraction of this region is the Těšín Beskydy mountain range as well as the unique architecture (picturesque wooden buildings), preserved local customs, traditional folklore and handicrafts.

Regarding accessible tourism there is a big difference between the Czech and Polish part of Cieszyn Silesia. While on the Czech side there were already implemented several projects (led mainly by Kazuist, Ltd.), on the Polish side it was yet an unknown topic (pilot project).

Therefore, the aim of the project Těšín Silesia for all was to raise awareness among tourism stakeholders of the importance and benefits of accessible tourism and to provide persons with access needs information about accessibility of tourist attractions in this area.  

The main output of the project is 20 tourist attractions mapped in terms of their accessibility for people with reduced mobility and orientation. The main attractions inspected were museums and churches, but also a lookout tower, theme parks, chair lift, a sports complex, ski jump site, design centre, centre of culture and art, etc. Generally the accessibility of tourist attractions for people with disabilities is low.
Detailed results are published on (so far only in Czech and Polish).

Inspection of the venues as well as other project activities (introductory workshops and study tours for stakeholders from the private and public sector) show that accessibility is still not perceived as a challenge and a business opportunity. It is very difficult to arouse their interest in this topic and convince them to cooperate through the whole chain and making tourist offer accessible for all (improve services, create accessible packages, provide accessibility information, train the staff).  

Lead partner/coordinator

Regional Council for Development and Cooperation based in Třinec - non-profit association of municipalities, businesses entities and non-profit organization supporting the overall development of the region and providing tourism destination management for Těšín Silesia tourist area, see:

Polish partner

Powiat Cieszyński (Cieszyn District) - a unit of territorial administration and local government based in Cieszyn, see:

Project contact person: Jana Szczuková,

Download this short Project Description in PDF format from the right-hand panel. 

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General Information

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Author(s): Jana Szczuková
Language(s): CES | EN
Start Year: 2014
End Year: 2015
Countries: Czech Republic | Poland


Publisher: KAZUIST
Date published on the web: 21/07/2015

Target Group(s)

Consumers / travellers / tourists | Employees and Trades Unions | Employers and Employers organisations | Families with small children | Non-governmental organisations | Older people / Seniors | Organisations of disabled people | Organisations of older people | People with a service animal | People with disabilities | People with hearing impairments | People with learning difficulties | People with long-term health problems | People with mobility impairments | People with visual impairments | Policy makers /Decision makers / Government | Professionals and professional bodies | Public administrators / Authorities | Students | Tour guides | Tour operators | Tourist venue owners / managers | Travel agents | Travel companions, personal assistants | Volunteers | Wheelchair users


Accessibility auditing | Accessibility information, access guides | Accommodation services | Adventure | Age-related issues, (seniors) | Ancient monuments | Assistive Technologies | Attractions | Boats and boating | Buildings and facilities design, maintenance | Bus and coach transport, touring | Cafés, restaurants, bars and pubs | Camping | Customer relations | Cycling and mountain biking | Design Guidelines, Design-for-All | Disability, disabilities, technical aids | Diving, sub-aqua | Education, training | Employment, working conditions | Festivals - music, dance | Fishing | Food and drink | Health, therapy, wellness | Heritage | Horse-riding and pony-trekking | Hospitality | Hotel management, hotel business | Information and Communication Technologies | Languages | Management of tourist venues and attractions | Mind, body, spirit | Museums and galleries | Music | Natural Phenomena | Nature holidays | Nature parks | Ornithology, bird-watching | Policy, legislation | Publishing | Religion | Social tourism | Special services for disabled visitors | Sports | Staff training | Standards | Therapy, wellness | Tourist information services | Transport services | Travel agents | Travel services | Walking and hiking | Young childrens' and families' holidays and services | Youth tourism