TUR4all - Accessible Tourism App for Disabled Visitors in Spain

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TUR4all is a free mobile application providing information to people with disabilities and the general public about levels of accessibility in more than 1300 tourist establishments across Spain.

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TUR4all is a free and user-friendly application being promoted by the Vodafone España Foundation with the support of PREDIF and the Real Patronato sobre Discapacidad (Royal Disability Trust). It was developed by the 3G Soluciones Móviles corporation.

The aim of the mobile app is to provide information to people with disabilities and the general public about levels of accessibility to over 1300 tourist establishments across Spain. It not only allows users to plan their trips, but also to improvise once at their destination with the app's built-in geolocation system that can identify the nearest tourist establishments.

Tur4all functions

The Browser allows users to access information about establishments by province, category or using other criteria available in advanced search mode. Establishments are categorized as follows: accommodation, bars and restaurants, tourist offices, monuments, museums and cultural centres, trade fairs and conferences, natural environment and beaches, recreational activities, sports facilities, urban tours.

By registering, the user creates their own profile based upon their particular physical, visual, auditive and  intellectual disability, allowing them through the advanced search mode to specify which accessibility issues are essential to their needs.

Thanks to the app’s built-in geo-location system accessed via the heading “Nearby”, it allows users to identify the nearest accessible tourist establishments. It provides information about establishments in the vicinity, their distance and their address. When browsing establishments, users can specify the search radius they are interested in, and how to get there.

Once registered, the app allows users to tag establishments they wish to have available at all times. The app creates a list with establishments broken down according to province.

The app is in the Spanish language.

TUR4all app for Android on YouTube, with subtitles in English

Background information

The information provided about each establishment was collected on site by PREDIF accessibility specialists.

Since 2004, PREDIF has been using an accessibility checklist protocol that was specially designed for tourist establishments.

TUR4all posterThe system consists of a series of checklists dealing with accessibility criteria that establishments should comply with if they are to be visited and enjoyed by all individuals regardless of any disability they might have. The accessibility requisites contained in this checklist protocol were agreed to by a multidisciplinary team comprising accessibility specialists from different disability advocacy organisations, disabled individuals and representatives from the tourist sector. The criteria are based on the minimum established accessibility levels of the different state and regional accessibility regulations.

To digitize and automate this protocol, the Vodafone Foundation also developed a mobile app for the PREDIF accessibility specialists. Using this tool, the data collected during the diagnostic visits were stored in a database that was later fed into both the Tur4all app and PREDIF’s Accessible Tourism web site www.predif.org.

Each year, some 300 additional establishments are added to the database.

The information provided from each tourist establishment is descriptive and is broken down into General Information, Easy Reading information, Physical Accessibility, Visual Accessibility, Auditive Accessibility and other facilities.

Included within the information about each establishment are photographs taken during the fieldwork.

Where to get the app

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The app has been available from “Google Play” since July 2012 and can be downloaded for the Android 2.1 operating system (or later versions) at this link:

In 2013, the app will also be available for the iOS operating system.

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