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PEOPLECERT ACCESSIBILITY Certifications for Professionals

13/01/2013 | 0 comments




Growing demand for accessible hotel services for individuals with disabilities and the elderly means that offering equal services to all guests is a key point of focus for hotel managers who want to maximize their overall service portfolio.

As such, employing personnel who can cater for the needs of people with disabilities can be a strong point of differentiation between hotels. But ensuring such capabilities is not a straightforward process.

To facilitate selection of the best-suited personnel for any hotel position, PEOPLECERT now offers personnel certifications that will ensure a hotel employee is capable of offering the same service quality to individuals with a disability as to any other client. Employment of certified staff can, in turn, create a distinct competitive advantage for the hotel among its competitors.

For hotel professionals, holding such certification means that they can distinguish themselves from others, making themselves more marketable in the competitive tourism industry.


The ACCESSIBILITY Certifications for Professionals aim

  • to create a global community of hoteliers and hotel employees in general, who have demonstrated their knowledge and competency to create the same service experience for all hotel clients, whether they have a disability or not, covering a broad palette of disabilities;
  • to help hotels - including all different kinds of accommodation - and conference centre managers to select the most competent people to serve clients with disabilities;
  • to help hotel professionals add value to their work and increase their marketability and career advancement opportunities in the tourism sector.


PEOPLECERT’s unique portfolio of competence-based ACCESSIBILITY Certifications for Professionals is fully compatible with ISO 17024 requirements. The certifications measure a person’s knowledge of and ability to cater for clients with disabilities, and offer them a service that will ensure their overall experience is equal to the one offered to all clients.


Indicative Professional Occupations

ACCESSIBILITY Certifications for Professionals in Hotel Management

Download Hotel Management Certification brochure

  • Hotel Managers
  • Managers on Duty
  • Boutique & Small Hotel Owners

ACCESSIBILITY Certifications for Professionals in Hotel Guest Services

Download Hotel Guest Services Certification brochure

  • Booking Personnel
  • Receptionists
  • Reservation Managers
  • Food & Beverages Managers
  • Concierge Services Personnel

ACCESSIBILITY Certifications for Professionals in Hotel Housekeeping & Facilities Services

Download Hotel Housekeeping & Facilities Services Certification brochure

  • Grooms
  • Housekeepers
  • Room Service
  • Technical Support
  • Valet Service
  • Hotel Shuttle Bus Drivers

Certification Exams

Exams are administered by PEOPLECERT online in the English language. There are no prerequisites for candidates to take an exam. Successful candidates will receive their certificate from PEOPLECERT.

For more information about PEOPLECERT ACCESSIBILITY Certifications please visit PEOPLECERT’s website or contact PEOPLECERT

Download this text in PDF format from the right-hand panel.

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With more than 3,000,000 exams to date, PEOPLECERT offers globally recognized certifications, such as ITIL®, ISO 20000, ISO 27000 and IASSC Lean Six Sigma in over 20 languages, through flexible and secure examination systems. PEOPLECERT also offers a suite of online services that aim to further simplify the overall exam experience, including web proctored exams, online exam booking, e-certificate and online certificate verification.

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Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Language(s): EN
Start Year: 2012
Countries: Cyprus | Greece


Date published on the web: 03/12/2012

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