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Our Friendly Built Environment Portal

01/01/2012 | 0 comments

Singapore Friendly Built Environment Portal logoThe Singapore Building and Construction Authority's (BCA's) Friendly Built Environment Portal was first developed with our local users in mind, to serve as a one-stop portal for information on universal design and accessibility to cater to the special needs of different user groups.

The Friendly Built Environment Portal allows users to search for buildings with specific criteria such as children play area, family rooms, accessible lifts, accessible public toilets, etc. Specific user groups, for example the hearing impaired and the elderly, are also able to search for buildings with the appropriate accessible features.

Based on the user's search criteria, the portal will provide information such as a photo of the building, address and location map, friendliness rating and information on the types of accessible features, thus encouraging more visitors to visit these buildings.

The portal also caters for the members of the public to submit photos of universal design features, and details of buildings that they deem friendly, under the section "Share What's Friendly".

Similarly, we also encourage "friendly building" owners to submit basic information such as contact details, building name and address to "Add My Building", and upon our assessment of your premises, BCA will update the information on the portal.

We are in the midst of enhancing this portal (December 2011) and will take on board feedback from users to further improve it.

Visit the website:  (

See also the related news article in (Singapore)

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