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Projecto Turismo Inclusivo (Portugal)

27/04/2011 | 0 comments

Projecto Turismo Inclusivo imageThe general objective of the project "TOURISM INCLUSIVE - Competencies for Care of People with Disabilities" was to conduct a study that may contribute to the achievement of national policy of inclusion of persons with disabilities, particularly in regard to their access to tourism services by:

- The identification of specific needs of people with disabilities, on the reception - service - service;

- The identification of skills, in terms of care and service necessary to meet those needs;

- The construction of a "package" of training aimed at developing these specific skills.

The project was undertaken by a partnership involving: an NGO dedicated to the activation of the rights of persons with disabilities (the ECDC-MiraSintra, acting as a promoter and coordinator of the project), two public entities involved in national policy of rehabilitation and tourism (INR - National Institute for Rehabilitation and the TP-ip - Tourism of Portugal) and a private entity (the PROFILE), acting as implementing agency of the study and construction of the "package" of distance learning.

In implementing the project there was a strong participation of disabled people themselves, especially at the stage of identifying their specific needs in terms of reception - service - tourist service and also the important involvement of their associations, so that different entities in the tourism sector would contribute not just by their contributions to the quality of project results, but also to the power of its subsequent dissemination and use.

Given the above, this project was established as an innovative and timely action, a double perspective: on one hand the end product will be an important contribution to the specific level of the qualifications of the professionals working in the field of hospitality and tourism, enabling the / as the care of persons with disability or incapacity, the other corresponds to a specific theme and relevant to the implementation of paragraph 13 of the Strategy Plan of Action for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities or Disability.


The project completed a study leading to the release of the following products:

  1. List of Special Needs (disabled people when users of tourism services);
  2. List of Specific Professional Skills (becomes necessary to acquire by tourism professionals in order to respond adequately to the needs of the customer-tourists with disabilities);
  3. A comprehensive training package for tourism professionals.

Inclusive Tourism Training Package

Module 1: Inclusive Tourism - Opportunities and Challenges

Module 2: Inclusive Tourism in Hospitality

Module 3: Inclusive Tourism in Restoration

Module 4: Inclusive Tourism in Tourism Activities

Each module includes an interactive application, the trainee's manual and trainer's guide.

More information

Visit the PERFIL Website (in Portuguese)

Contact by email: turismo[dot]inclusivo[at]perfil[dot]com[dot]pt

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