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  • Travel for All

    We bring detailed accessibility information to those who need to know. Travel For All has been created to allow travellers with accessibility needs to find the tourist accommodation and activities that suit them. Their accessibility needs may be temporary or permanent and be related to age, disability, accident or illness. People may have mobility, sensory or communication limitations. We will assist owners of travel related businesses in assessing their properties against the needs of guests who require some extra consideration. We will help you access this valuable and growing market. Travel For All is focused on tourist accommodation, attractions, tours and activities.

  • IDEAS - Disability Information portal

    An accessible portal of information for people with disability in and travelling to Australia

  • Snowy Mountains: Accessible Attractions & Activities

    A number of attractions and activities in the Snowy Mountains region offer good access for people using wheelchairs, prams, and walking frames.

  • The Australian National Public Toilet Map

    Find toilets anywhere in Australia by using this online search tool. Accessible toilets are also listed. Selected toilets can be found for both individula locations and travel routes. Users may select and save toilet locations to a personal list, making it easy to build up a plan of where to find a toilet when you need one.

  • Sydney for All

    This website is part of a research project about accessible urban tourism experiences, conducted by the University of Technology, Sydney and the University of New South Wales, in conjunction with the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre. It is an official website of Tourism New South Wales.

  • Access For All Alliance (Hervey Bay) Inc.

    Access For All Alliance (Hervey Bay) Inc, was founded by two people with disabilities. They are now a volunteer community group established to ensure equitable and dignified access to all premises and facilities whether public or private, to all members of the community.