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ENAT aims to help its members promote their activities. This demo page is an example of what you can publish on the ENAT website to promote your accessible city.

Photo of  Dragon bridge, Ljubljana[This is a demo page. The text between the horizontal lines, below is fictional]!

Photo: Dragon Bridge, Ljubljana

Introduction to the Accessible Cities Demo Page

ENAT aims to support Europe's accessible cities by publishing Accessible City profiles on the ENAT website.

Here, cities can promote themselves in their own profile page.

This service is offered only to cities that join ENAT (an annual fee payment is required)

Publish your accessible city profile in a dedicated ENAT page and enhance your on-line reputation as a city that values and practices good accessibility!

About 3,500 new visitors come to the ENAT website every month to learn about accessible tourism. On average they stay about 2.5 minutes and browse 3 pages or more. And many visitors stay much longer.

Most of ENAT's site visitors are specialists in tourism and accessibility. They are interested in improving their own practices and developing Business-to-Business relationships. We know this from the extensive correspondence we receive via the website.

The content of the page shown below is an example of what you can publish to promote your accessible city on the ENAT website.

ENAT Accessible Cities logoAs an ENAT Member, you can upload information about your City or a Network of Cities to a dedicated page like this one, using our Content Management System. No additional software is required. For more complex pages, authors can send material by email to the web editor.

Using a simple template, you create a page title, such as the name of your city, then add text, banners, photos, videos, file attachments, links back to your own Home Page, et cetera.

NOTE: Your city page on the ENAT website will have a shortened, personalised URL, for example:
www.accessibletourism.org/citydemopage   (where the name of your city follows the forward slash).

The short URL associates your city's name directly with ENAT's home page, making it more visible and easy to remember.

Being a member of ENAT, your Accessible City page will connect with the ENAT brand and help you strengthen your communication with general and specialist readers alike. 

Your page will remain "live" as long as you want to keep it online, and you may update it at any time.

ENAT will promote the Accessible Cities profiles throughout the year, both via the web, in printed publications and at International events.      

Web Support

ENAT web editors will provide layout, editing and English grammar checks to make sure your page is clear and accurate.

Web Accessibility for All

Like the rest of the ENAT website, your Accessible City profile page will be accessible to web users who have a disability, (WAI - Level A compliant).

Note that every page of the ENAT Website has the Google Translate feature. This simple mechanism allows your English language web page to be instantly translated to 50+ languages, reaching a worldwide audience.

Read the text below, as an example of what you can add to your page.

photo destination CatalunyaWelcome to the ENAT page of EU ACCESS CITY!

We are proud to announce that our city is competing in the 2011 European Access City Award for the best example of a city that cares about accessibility for people with disabilities.

Our city is a Member of ENAT and respects the ENAT Code of Good Conduct concerning accessible tourism facilities and services.

This page tells you just a little about the achievements of our city in the fields of accessibility, especially focussing on:

  • accessible services,
  • information,
  • transport,
  • architecture,
  • education and
  • tourism. 

We are pleased to be competing at European level for the first ever award for a European accessible city.

Yes, We Can!

Thanks to our years of experience and recent innovations, we truly believe that our city offers ideal conditions for disabled residents and visitors alike, and we believe that we can WIN the European award!

Find Out More!

You can find out more about accessibility in EU ACCESS CITY

  • EU ACCESS CITY Tourist Information Office
  • EU ACCESS CITY (City Hall)
  • EU ACCESS CITY NGO partners: Disability associations and other citizens' organisations
  • EU ACCESS CITY Chamber of Commerce
  • EU ACCESS CITY business partners.

Contact us:

You can contact us via this website [link to contact page] or by email, telephone or text telephone service.

[add contact details]. 

Pass it on!

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ENAT can add a visitor counter, or page rating  gadget, so you can see how many people like your EU ACCESS CITY page.  

What Next?

To make your own ENAT City Profile Page, you must first join ENAT as an Organisational Member.
Please register

ENAT Associate Membership rates are shown on this page: ENAT Membership Categories and Fees.

ENAT will send a Request for Payment to your contact person, as identified in the ENAT Membership profile. 

Then, contact the ENAT Secretariat to create and upload a page like this.

Please note that the ENAT Accessible City Profile Page offer is an additional service for ENAT Members.

All paid-up Members may choose to be listed in the  ENAT Members' Online Directory  which is already included in the price of membership.  

After joining ENAT your city will also be entitled to use the ENAT banners and logos for printed and on-line marketing.

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