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City of Mulhouse, France

17/01/2012 | 0 comments

Mulhouse photo visitors scenePhoto of visitors in Mulhouse. (City of Mulhouse / LHAC)

Mulhouse, a city of 112,000 inhabitants, is located between the Rhine river and the Vosges mountains, close to Germany and Switzerland. It offers unique attractions and quality of life to visitors and citizens alike. 

A pioneering city at the time of the industrial revolution in France, Mulhouse has flourished thanks to the textile, chemical and mechanical industries.

As a result of such an exceptional history, the city boasts an impressive selection of museums covering a broad range of topics (including the Automobile Museum, the Railway Museum and the Fine Arts Museum), as well as several private mansions and the largest technical museum in Europe.

Mulhouse is a member of the "League of Historical and Accessible Cities" (LHAC), a project established by the European Foundation Centre.

The main aim of the League of Historical and Accessible Cities is to improve the accessibility of historical towns promoting, at the same time, sustainable tourism development and the protection of cultural heritage.

To learn more about the urban accessibility programme in Mulhouse and the LHAC, visit the city of Mulhouse's webpage on the LHAC website

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