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Australia For All

URL: provides a "one-stop-shop" for information about accessible tourism both in Australia and overseas. The site allows tourists with disabilities and their families to obtain information about the accessibility of the accommodation and tourism venues which they wish to visit. At the same time it assists tourism providers within the tourism industry to improve their services and therefore encourage more tourists with disabilities to use them. The features of this e-service include: One Stop Shop for browsing, choosing (and where possible) booking destinations; A cross-border service giving access to information and accessible tourism throughout Australia; Information that is reliable and can be trusted as it is based on a consensus regarding the criteria levels and standards for accessibility. plays an important role for travellers with physical, visual and hearing impairments. It provides information that has been self assessed and/or photographically verified to meet the various criteria levels of accessibility for accommodation and places of entertainment. The international section is devoted entirely to accommodation and tourism venues which are accessible to people with disabilities. Language(s): EN
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