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Who We Are

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ENAT Board Members

ENAT Full Members

ENAT National Coordinators


ENAT was established in January 2006 as a project-based initiative of nine sponsoring organisations in six EU Member States. The European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs, gave financial support to the Network in its first two years of operations, 2006 to 2007.

ENAT was registered with the office of the Commercial Court of Brussels on 8 May 2008 as the European Network for Accessible Tourism asbl. (non-profit association).

European Network for Accessible Tourism – ENAT asbl.

Registered office:

Rue de la Fleur d’Oranger 37, bte 213,
B-1150 Woluwe Saint-Pierre,
Brussels, Belgium.

ENAT is registered as Company no. 0897.614.640

ENAT is managed by an international Board of Directors, drawn from ENAT's founding partners and other leading organisations in accessible tourism. 

The Annual General Assembly, made up of all paid-up Full Members, is the governing body of the association.

ENAT Board

Executive Board

President:                        Anna Grazia Laura, COIN, Italy
Vice-President:                 Jesús Hernández Galán, Fundación ONCE, Spain
Vice-President:                 Spyros Michailidis, EWORX S.A., Greece
Secretary and Treasurer:   Mieke Broeders, ENTER vzw. Belgium
Managing Director:            Ivor Ambrose, IVOR AMBROSE Technical Services, UK and Greece

Non-Executive Board Members

Director:                         Stéphanie Herman, ANLH, Belgium
Director:                         Marco Pizzio, AISM Associazione Italiana Scelrosi Multipla Onlus, Italy
Director:                         Ana Garcia, Accessible Portugal, Portugal
Director:                         Lilian Müller, Access Sweden, Sweden
Honorary Board Member: Angelika Laburda, Austria

View Biographies of the current ENAT Board Members.

Details of how to contact ENAT are shown at the Contact Page.

ENAT Full Members Last Updated on 28 April 2016

ENAT National Coordinators

ENAT National Coordinators have been established in several European countries.

National Coordinators are appointed by the ENAT Board to work towards the aims and objectives of ENAT at the national level. They recruit new members, provide information in the national language, and provide services for the members in their respective countries. 

National Coordinators also act as the "face" of ENAT in their country. As such, they may liaise and collaborate with other national bodies and organisations on matters concerning accessible tourism.

View the current list of Coordinators at the ENAT National Coordinators' page.

More ENAT National Coordinators will be established in other countries in Europe and, possibly, in other regions of the world.

Details of the Terms of Reference for ENAT National Coordinators and the application procedure for candidates are also available at the ENAT National Coordinators' page.

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