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Member Services

Who Can Join  ENAT? Who Should Join  ENAT?

ENAT is an association that caters for a wide range of members, drawn from the travel and tourism industry, the public sector, professionals and Non-Governmental Organisations. Individual members are also welcome. All of these can benefit from  ENAT’s information and networking services.

ENAT consists of Associate members and Full members. Services to both types of members are identical but only Full members have voting rights and can stand for office in the association's Management Board.  

Associate Members are not obliged to have a recognised “track record” in accessible tourism, nor do they have to demonstrate a certain “accessibility standard”, in order to join.

Associate members can become Full members after submitting a written application, detailing their competences and  activities in accessible tourism to the satisfaction of the  ENAT Board.

It is expected that all  ENAT members will genuinely work to support accessible tourism in their area of activity.

Every member is therefore invited to sign-up to the ENAT Code of Good Conduct, as an expression of commitment to improve one's own performance, in accessible tourism.

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ENAT Members' Services and Advantages

Networking and Meetings

  •  Active participation at reduced rates in  ENAT Training Workshops and Seminars;

  • Active participation at reduced rates in  ENAT International Conferences;

  • Active participation in the  ENAT Annual General Assembly;

  • Opportunities for Participation in  ENAT working committees;

  • Opportunities for participation in transnational project proposals and projects.

Information, Capacity-Building, Publicity and Marketing

  • Access to the Members-Only section of the ENAT website;

  • On-line information, projects database and resources;

  • Research requests directed to specialists;

  • Public listing of your Business profile in the ENAT Members' Directory (optional);

  • Access to  ENAT publications, e-Bulletins, discussion groups, etc.;

  • Access to ENAT Members' contact information;

  • Sign up to the ENAT Code of Good Conduct - the only international, ethical commitment label for Accessible Tourism;

  • Get the ENAT Member logo or banners to use in your marketing.

Representation and Monitoring

  • Representation towards the European Union (EU) and its constituent institutions, and at key European and international events;

  • Privileged and timely information on EU matters;

  • Monitoring of EU affairs that impact on tourism regulators, providers, agents and customers.

Services for Sponsor Members

We encourage Members to demonstrate commitment to ENAT and proactive support for its work by becoming Sponsor Members.

Sponsor Membership confers additional privileges.  See the Sponsors' Page for more information.

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