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Press Release Items

  • EU Study: Stronger Commitment Needed to Meet Growing Accessible Tourism Demand in Europe

    A new study on the supply of accessible tourism services in the EU Member States, financed by the European Parliament, shows that there is a general lack of provisions for visitors with access needs. Greater commitment and cooperation is needed between tourism authorities, destinations and enterprises, if supply is to meet the growing demand for accessibility, especially from increasing numbers of senior travellers, many of whom face access difficulties.

  • ENAT Partners Win EU Commission Support Grant for SMEs' Sustainable Tourism Network

    The European Commission's Enterprise and Industry Directorate today announced the funding of three new networking initiatives for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise in the tourism sector. The new SME networks aim to strengthen the knowledge and understanding of practices that link sustainability and competitiveness in a mutually reinforcing way. ENAT is leading a transnational partnership to show how applying accessibility principles, in particular, can benefit smaller tourism businesses, even in a difficult economic climate.

  • Accessible Tourism is Big Money

    At a congress held last week by the European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT), over 200 representatives from international disability organisations, tourist boards and private enterprise came to the overwhelming conclusion that accessible tourism is the fastest-growing business opportunity in the tourism industry.

  • Tourism for All Congress to Benefit All Travellers

    A congress held in conjunction with leading accessible tourism network ENAT – the European Network for Accessible Tourism – is set to benefit both disabled and able-bodied travellers all over Europe.

  • Accessible Tourism is the way forward for businesses and customers alike

    The 27th September is World Tourism Day. Among the travellers to and within Europe, there are tens of millions of people with disabilities, older people and others who experience problems in getting around, due to physical and communication barriers in transport, in buildings and attractions. The tourism industry is rising to meet this challenge and cater for their needs.