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  • Silver Travel Advisor

    Travel and reviews website for the over 50s. If you are planning or just thinking about your next trip or holiday, this is the place to find out more before making those big decisions. To check out the places you have in mind or to discover new ideas, the easiest way is by reading our hotel reviews, cruise reviews, escorted travel tour reviews and a huge range of other travel reviews you can trust. Free membership.

  • Azores for All

    In 2014 we registered the Azores for All brand, convinced that an unforgettable journey begins well before departure, and when choosing the destination for holidays, through accessible and reliable information, where small details make all the difference. The Azores for All team brings together professionals that are passionate about accessible tourism, fully available to listen to the customer’s needs and purpose, and in several languages, the best solutions for unforgettable holidays in the Azores. We offer information, services and activities, adapted to residents and to tourists who visit the Azores, either conventional or tourists with disabilities. We work with private groups, travel agencies and tour operators as well. We are a touristic animation company focused on the promotion of social and inclusive tourism in the Azores.

  • Touradapt

    Welcome to Touradapt, your travel agency adapted to your needs. In Touradapt we offer you vacation packages and tours adapted to different types of disabilities, choose your destination and enjoy. If you can not find your destination, please contact us by e-mail with the desired destination, your data and your disability and we will contact you to offer you the best option for you or your group. In Touradapt we work with other entertainment companies to offer a vacation for you. With us you can enjoy your holidays at the beach, hiking and enjoying the mountains, started in diving or paragliding soar.

  • Accessible Indonesia

    AccessibleIndonesia was founded in 2015 with the aim to establish accessible tourism in Indonesia. We provide accessibility information, tours and trips, travel services, guides etc. We are based in Makassar, Indonesia. Contact us by Email: Skype: kerstin.beise Tlp: +62 812 42 966446. Address: c/o Vifa Holiday DMC Indonesia; Jl. Pelita Raya Blok A-22 No. 2; makassar 90222, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

  • Accessible Vienna

    More information, less frustration. This is the motto for these guidelines for our visitors with special needs. This website, from the Vienna Tourist Board -, includes access information on: hotels, sights, opera, theatre, concerts, cinemas, cafés, restaurants, services, public restrooms, specialized tour guides, as well as Getting to Vienna, Medical Aids & more, Public Transport, Information and Advice, Approaching art from a new angle, - accessible hotel rooms at the click of a mouse, and Video guides in German and British sign language.

  • Rocky Mountain Wheelchair Tours

    Rocky Mountain Wheelchair Tours is the only company of its kind in Alberta, and its custom-designed tours are built on the belief that “anything is possible”. The company provides caring ground transportation for seniors and people with physical, audio, visual or mental challenges. For the first time, the splendor of the majestic Rocky Mountains, the vast cultural experience of the prairies, and the fun spots around Calgary are within reach of everyone regardless of their abilities.

  • Oyster Accessible Travel NZ

    Our Mission: To become the 'one-stop shop' go to resource for anyone travelling with access needs in New Zealand. What is Oyster Accessible Travel? Oyster Accessible Travel offers a comprehensive booking site and travel guide for both domestic and international travellers who travel with extra mobility needs. These travellers need to know beforehand information on access for accommodation, activities, walks, transport and sometimes equipment hire. Oyster has researched, reviewed and collated all the needed accessible information for the traveller into a 'one-stop shop' website. Thus saving the traveller time and giving them access to the choice of accessible facilities on offer throughout their travels in New Zealand. Oyster has a goal to be the leading booking information site for accessible tourism in New Zealand. It intends to build confidence in the brand and create a very useful database for accommodation in all the main centres. It will provide a description of the access room that will be further backed up with photos. We intend to visit all listed accommodation to provide verification that the information stated by the business is correct. This site encourages positive travel information, products and experiences. It welcomes your feedback to build this essential window into New Zealand's accessible world. Please join us to make access happen, success will come if we build it together.


    The Dreams Academy is a social entrepeneurial project funded by UNDP (United Nations Development Program) and Turkey Vodafone Foundation. Dreams Academy, since 2008 has been providing a free of charge education and volunteering based services. The founder AYDER (Alternative Life Association)has been playing an important role in Turkey for having a big social change on disability issue by implementing different projects such as “Diving is Freedom”,“Alternative Camp”, "Best Buddies" and “Reha İstanbul”. The Dreams Academywith its dynamic program has turned into an permanent alternative academy of arts which prepares the socially excluded youngsters to a real life.

  • - The European Accessible Tourism Directory

    Pantou is the Greek word for Everywhere. This web service presents the Directory of suppliers of accessible tourism services in all European Union and Accession countries. It also includes suppliers such as travel agents and tour operators who provide accessible services for Europe-inbound customers. The Pantou Directory: makes it easier for tourists with any kind of access needs to find what they are looking for when planning a visit; promotes European accessible tourism suppliers, showing places to go and things to do – in safety and with convenience and comfort. Until now it has been difficult for a visitor with access needs to find out about the availability of suitable suppliers across Europe. Pantou has been developed by ENAT, EWORX S.A. and VVA to meet the need for a reliable and comprehensive pan-European guide to all kinds of tourism services that are currently offered for this market segment. Suppliers who are listed on Pantou provide a wide variety of tourism services, including accommodation, facilities, transport, tours, venues and attractions that are designed to be inclusive and accessible for people who have a disability, long-term health condition or other specific accessibility requirements. To be listed with Pantou, tourism suppliers must indicate the type of service(s) offered and the particular target groups they can serve. The Pantou Directory is supported by the European Commission, Directorate GROW (Tourism Unit). Legal disclaimer: The European Commission is not responsible for the content of the site, nor is it liable for any loss or damage arising from use of information contained on the website. See also Pantou Terms of Use.

  • Access in Paris (Guide Book)

    This well established guidebook was originally published in 1974, and was the first guidebook ever to use the title ‘Access’ referring to access by disabled people. Later editions were published in 1985, 1993 and 2008. The guide is available as a book or can be downloaded in PDF format from the website. If you want a copy of the book, go to Contact us.

  • Access in London (Guide book)

    Access in London is a well established and well researched guide, published in 1984, 1989, 1996, 2003 and 2014. Nearly all of the information is collected by visit, and it reflects the experiences of disabled people who want to get around. It is part of a series published by Pauline Hephaistos Survey Projects since the 1970s to places as diverse as Paris, Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Jersey, Norway, Brittany and the Loire Valley. The guide is available as a book or can be downloaded from the website. If you want a copy of the book, go to Contact us.

  • VisitFlanders Accessibility Videos on YouTube (Playlist)

    VisitFlanders promotes tourism to Flanders for all visitors. Here you can watch and read English sign-language presentations about the accessible offers in Flanders and the pages of their website.

  • Accessible Baltics

    Dear traveller and friend of accessible tourism: We are here to fulfill disabled peoples´ travelling wishes to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Welcome to the website of Accessible Baltics! Whether you wish to travel to calming nature, walk on the paths of culture or wish to spend a day in resting your mind and body, we will help you fulfill your travelling wishes. We will do everything we can to make you feel safe, secure and well during the trip. Together, lets create memories worth remembering even years later! From our website, you can find fresh information about accessible tour offers for groups of maximum 20 people. Should you wish to spend your holiday with your family or smaller group, we offer the opportunity to work with you to put together a pleasing escorted trip to Estonia – specially for you. Being first Estonian tour operators in Accessible Tourism area, we have 5 target groups: moving, visual, hearing impairment, their family and friends. And families, who have children with mental disability. In preparing accessible tour packages, we derive from the specific needs of our target groups. Needs, that are determined by our customers – you yourself. We specialize in offering trips to Estonia in culture, nature and health&wellness tourism. We escalate to the whole Baltic region step-by-step, according to Accessible Baltics team´s capabilities of mapping accessible tourist destinations, cooperation with partners, and certainty and quality of our tours related to it. Here we originate from the principle that less is more. Stay with us and explore the real pearls of the Baltic Sea!

  • Disabled Tourist Guide

    Salam and welcome! My name is El Houssaine Ichen, but my friends just call me Houssaine. I offer assistance to all tourists, both disabled and able-bodied. My mission is to develop and succeed in a disabled-led tourism business in Morocco. If you would like to explore the beauty of Morocco with me, I would love to be your guide! Hope to see you soon! Houssaine

  • Erzsebetprogram

    The Hungarian National Foundation for Recreation (HNFR) is the main body responsible for social tourism in Hungary. HNFR was established as a non-profit organization by the government of Hungary and 6 trade union confederations with the purpose to encourage the participation of active employees and pensioners in tourism. From 2012 the mission and the target groups of HNFR have been altered significantly. Social inclusion – facing the challenge of integration – and the support of “right to have a break” – making tourist leisure accessible to socially disadvantaged groups – have become the key principles behind HNFR’s objectives. The current social tourism initiative called Erzsébet Program - introduced in 2012 -has become the largest national social tourism program, involving each year over 1% of the country’s population in domestic tourism through social tourism grants. Also in Hungarian at

  • Tourism for All (Europe)

    The mission of Tourism for All is to make travel and tourism - services, products and destinations - accessible to all travelers worldwide, regardless of their physical limitations, disabilities or age. Offering Consultancy, Destinations, Tailor-made travel and more...

  • Smartrip-Israel

    SmarTrip develops and supports Israel tours of any complexity for tourists with disabilities. We check all the routes for full accessibility and total comfort. Our mission is to introduce the Israel itself to the people whose travel activities require special care. So we thoroughly research all the hotels, historical sites and places of interest. And that is to make sure that all adventures we're offer would be easy, flexible and smooth for disabled persons.

  • Photoability

    Photoability is an online stock images library. It represents one billion persons with disabilities spending billions in travel and lifestyle dollars in economies all over the world. Yet, these people are rarely seen or acknowledged in advertising and editorial images. Why is a small, yet powerful and growing segment of society not being seen or represented as customers? Increasing the positive imagery of persons with disabilities and who use mobility devices such as wheelchairs, canes, walkers, guide dogs etc., will not only encourage further inclusion by increasing awareness that we want to participate and should be equally accommodated, but will help to eliminate the fear and negative stereotyping that so often permeates all levels of society. Upload your photos or purchase photos here.

  • Kultürlich - Kulturen Im Kontekst

    Willkommen bei Kultürlich im UNESCO-Welterbe Regensburg und vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch! Auf den nächsten Seiten finden Sie unsere Leistungen rund um die Themen: Tourismus, Kommunikationsassistenz für Gebärdensprache, Inklusion, Beratung, Empowerment - lebenslanges Lernen, Events, Kommunikationsforen (KoFos), Seminare und Workshops. Kultürlich - Kulturen im Kontext beteiligt sich ehrenamtlich am Projekt der Aktion Mensch "Regensburg inklusiv" für die inklusionszirkel "Bildung" und "Arbeit". Für den Inklusionszirkel "Freizeit" ist Mathilde Brandis die offizielle Vertreterin der Regensburg Tourismus GmbH (RTG).

  • Dansk Handicap Forbunds Rejseguide / Danish Handicap Travel Guide

    (In Danish only). Velkommen til Dansk Handicap Forbunds Rejseguide - rejseguiden til de rejselystne mennesker med handicap. Rejseguiden er blevet til med støtte fra Bevica Fonden, og den skal gøre det nemmere og mere overskueligt for mennesker med handicap at tage på ferie. Med søgefunktionen finder du al den information, du måtte få brug for, når du rejser med et handicap i ind- og udland. (English sumnmary) : A travel guide for people with disabilities, making it easier to find holiday destinations in Denmark and abroad. Supported by Bevica Foundation.