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The theme pages listed below give lists of items gathered from the whole ENAT website. Each theme shows the relevant ENAT news items, projects, events, reports, good practices, and other items, shown as internal links.  By following the links you will be taken to the original item.

The lists for each theme are automatically generated from the keywords which are used to "tag" each item of information on the website. Lists are "refreshed" each time the theme page is requested. In this way, new items which are added to any section of the ENAT website site will appear in the theme list, according to their assigned keywords.

Choose one of the themes from the alphabetical listing, below:

Results 13 to 19 out of 19.

08/11/2012 Museums, Galleries, Monuments and Heritage

These items include news, events, reports and guidelines concerning accessibility of cultural heritage, archaeological sites, museums, galleries and monuments. Keyword(s): Ancient monuments | Archaeology | Heritage | Museums and galleries

10/03/2011 Passengers' Rights

These items relate to the rights of passengers when travelling by air, buses and coaches, rail and ferry boats. Keyword(s): Airlines and air transport | Bus and coach transport, touring | Cruises | Ferries and maritime transport | Rail travel | Travel services

29/10/2007 Policy, Legislation and Standards for Accessible Tourism

These items include references to European and national policies, regulations and standards relating to tourism development and the provision of accessible services for tourists. Keyword(s): Policy, legislation | Standards

19/11/2013 Senior Tourism

This theme lists items such as research studies, reports, links, news and others concerned with the "Senior Tourism" market. It includes analyses of the spending power of older age groups, the travel spending and travel preferences. Items also cover the travel requirements of seniors, including specially tailored services, wellness, care, therapies and travel insurance. This theme is continually updated with new items. Keyword(s): Age-related issues, (seniors) | Health, therapy, wellness | Insurance services | Medical and nursing care, treatment

05/04/2009 Social Tourism

These items concern public and private subsidy and support systems for people with low incomes or difficult personal circumstances, to allow them to enjoy holidays at lower cost and/or with special assistance. Keyword(s): Social tourism

31/01/2008 Special Services for Disabled Tourists

This theme highlights services that are especially suitable for tourists with disabilities. The listings include links and items about destinations and tour operators that cater especially for disabled guests. Keyword(s): Customer relations | Special services for disabled visitors

21/04/2008 Transport and related services and facilities

These items include all forms of transport and their related services and infrastructure: Bus and coach transport, ferries and maritime transport, private motoring, rail. Organisations dealing with transport matters at EU and International level are also listed. Keyword(s): Airlines and air transport | Bus and coach transport, touring | Drivers, driving, motoring | Ferries and maritime transport | Marinas and ports services | Rail travel | Transport services