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As an ENAT Member you can post a comment on many of the items you will find on our website. 

You may also publish your own News and information about Events, Projects, Good Practices and Publications. If you have an issue or a question you want to discuss with others you can start a discussion with other members in the Forum section.

Sharing information with other ENAT members and site visitors is the best way to get known and find members who have similar interests.  This is networking!

You must first log-in to this site, in order to send items for publication.

We use the term "item" for any kind of content you wish to submit.  Your information will be sent to an Editor for review, before it is published. Publication of your item will normally take place within 2 working days.

The easiest way for you to send your content to ENAT is to go to the section of the website where you would like your content to appear, e.g. Links > France > Commercial, and there you will find a link saying: Add a new item.

When you click on the "Add a new item" link you will get a standard page with a blank template. Just fill in the required fields, add a URL or a file for uploading if required, and click the "Create" button.

Perhaps the item you want to publish does not have a designated page yet. In this case you can use one of the Quick Links shown below and the Editor will create the required page to publish your item.

Quick Links

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