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04/12/2007 COMOTRED 2007. Proceedings of the Conference.

More than 600 delegates from 36 countries met in Montreal for the 11th International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons (TRANSED), a triennial conference and touchstone for issues related to accessible transportation.  

04/12/2007 Best practices in tourism accessibility for travelers with restricted physical ability. Final report. APEC Tourism Working Group.

"The project discussed here identifies best practices for tourism accessibility for travellers with restricted physical ability (RPA) and falls under policy goal #2 of the Tourism Charter. This project may also serve as a base for member economies to establish a credible and internationally comparable set of standards describing the stage reached in providing tourism accessibility to travellers with RPA."  

04/12/2007 Barrier-free tourism for people with disabilities in the Asian and Pacific Region.

This publication examines major issues for the development of barrier-free tourism for people with disabilities within the Asia-Pacific region. It looks at the economic rationale for it and identifies existing barriers as well as examples of good practices. It also offers guidelines for governments and the industry for the promotion of barrier-free tourism.  

04/12/2007 Barrier-free public transport in Germany.

Manual addressing all questions concerning accessibility to public transport: guidelines, solutions, recommendations, experiences and best-practice examples.  

04/12/2007 Annexes of "Analysis of the needs in the field of Tourism for All"

The annexes to the document "Analysis of the needs in the field of Tourism for All" (by the european project EU.FOR.ME) presents the reports of the Youth Focus Group planning, the reports of the Tourist Operators Focus Group planning, and the "scheda sintetica risultati Focus Group Giovani" (96 pages).  

04/12/2007 Analysis of the needs in the field of Tourism for All.

Results of the Focus Group and of the Panel of young people of the european project EU.FOR.ME.  

04/12/2007 An overview of the literature on disability and transport.

This literature review was undertaken in September and October 2003. Its main purpose is to provide an overview of the literature relating to disabled peoples’ use and experiences of transport, with a particular focus on Disability Rights Commission (DRC) strategic and policy priorities.  

04/12/2007 Accessible tourism product.

A document of the european project EU.FOR.ME.  

04/12/2007 Accessible information space to promote accessible tourism.

Currently about 10-20% of the population are affected by a disability from temporary or permanent nature. For these people accessibility is a requirement and a necessity.  

04/12/2007 Accessible destination

A document of the european project EU.FOR.ME.  

04/12/2007 Accessibility Guidelines for Small Aircraft. Services for persons with disabilities on aircraft with 29 and fewer passenger seats.

These Guidelines, developed in cooperation with representatives of the industry, consumers and other government departments, are meant to assist carriers to better serve the needs of persons with disabilities travelling on aircraft with 29 and fewer passenger seats (small aircraft).  

04/12/2007 Access to air travel for disabled people : Code of practice.

The purpose of this Code of Practice is to improve the accessibility of air travel to disabled people in the United Kingdom.