Global Voices of Accessible Travel by Tapooz Travel

Logo Global Voices by Tapooz Travel Here we are pleased to re-publish interviews with accessible travel specialists from around the world, by ENAT Member, Tapooz Travel (Laurent Roffe).

Each video lasts about 30 minutes - packed with valuable nuggets of "insider" information! 

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Punsri Abeywickrema photo Punsri Abeywickrema is a serial Silicon-Valley internet entrepreneur 12 August 2020. Punsri's latest company, Cloud of Goods, grew to become one of a lead providers of mobility equipment to travelers across the USA. He brings a unique perspective to the business development of a service company dedicated to serving the needs of wheelchair users. Punsri was visiting his family Sri Lanka when the pandemic started. He is still there and describes how well the island nation has coped with the crisis. Punsri and Laurent discuss what the actors in the tourism industry need to do to address the future challenges of accessible travel.


photo of Natalia VindasNatalia Vindas, the lead operator of the accessible travel company il Viaggio Travel in Costa Rica. 29th July 2020.
The country's commitments to biodiversity and ecotourism are well known. As Natalia explains, equating accessibility with sustainability adds another dimension to the attraction of Costa Rica as an accessible destination. As a wheelchair user herself and a champion on the national adaptive surfing team, Natalia brings a unique point of view and passion to her work. She talks about the current challenges and the prospects for the possible reopening of the country on August 1st.


photo of Veroniek MaatVeroniek Maat Accessible Travel Netherlands 24th July 2020
ENAT member, Veroniek Maat talks about the challenges of reopening of the country to tourism in the Covid-19 era and the opportunities for the future of accessible tourism in the region.



photo of Emiliano ParrilliEmiliano Parrilli / founder and manager of Turismo Acessivel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 19th July 2020
ENAT Member, Turismo Acessivel is a leading accessible travel company in the region with destinations in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. The company recently added Portugal and will start to offer trips to the USA in collaboration with Tapooz Travel as soon as it is safe to do so.



photo of Marie-Odile VincentMarie-Odile Vincent in Paris (accessible travel consultant / disability advocate), 6th July 2020.
Global Voices in discussion with Marie-Odile Vincent. One of the best known voices of accessible travel in France and beyond, Marie-Odile talks about the challenges of living in Paris as a wheelchair-user during the pandemic as well as her personal and professional views for the future. Apart from her work as an accessible travel consultant, Marie-Odile is a champion of accessibility rights.


photo of Stefano SghinolfiStefano Sghinolfi / Rome and Italy Group (incoming to Italy), 26 June 2020.
We interviewed Stefano Sghinolfi, manager of the Rome and Italy Group about challenges and opportunities for accessible travel in Italy in the era of Covid-19.



photo of Ingrid RoelofsIngrid Roelofs / VZ travel in the Netherlands (outgoing to multiple Euro destinations)  29th June 2020
Coming from a medical background, Ingrid has developed a great travel model to address the demands of her elderly guests, many with more demanding physical limitations. Matching a traveler with health-care trained traveling companion is only one element of her success. As Europe reopens for tourism, Ingrid is already selling trips to selected destinations with a meticulous attention to safety and well-being.



Christel Stejlborg, HanditoursChristel Stejlborg, Handitours, Copenhagen, Denmark. 31st May 2020
Laurent Roffe of Tapooz Travel in California in a discussion with ENT member Christel Stejlborg of HandiTours in Copenhagen, Denmark about the current state of affairs for accessible travel in Scandinavia in the year of the Covid19 pandemic and the forecast for the future.



image of Julie JonesJulie Jones, HaveWheelchairWillTravel, Australia. 29th May 2020.
Laurent Roffe of Tapooz Travel in California in a discussion with Julie Jones of HaveWheelchairWill Travel in Sydney Australia about the current state of affairs for accessible travel in the region during the pandemic and the forecast for the future. With Shannon Kelly, social media specialist at Tapooz Travel.