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Why New Zealand needs to develop Access Tourism (AT) and an AT Research Programme

16/04/2010 | 0 comments

Seminar on Access Tourism in New Zealand

Access Tourism is tourism and travel for people with disabilities (PwDs), seniors, and those with temporary access needs (for example, those with short term disabilities, medical tourists etc).

PwDs currently make up about 17% of NZ’s population, and a similar percentage in our major overseas tourism markets. This percentage is set to grow markedly with the ageing of the huge Baby Boomer population worldwide.

The NZ tourism and travel industry seems barely aware of the coming wave of PwD tourists who will want to travel in/to NZ if they are provided with the right products and services, and we lag behind our major competitors in the development of an Access Tourism sector.

This seminar will present arguments for developing Access Tourism in NZ and will discuss an agenda for the kinds of research needed if we are to take advantage of this growing and lucrative market. Sandra Rhodda will also briefly present some best practices from around the world to demonstrate what NZ could be doing.

Bio:  Sandra Rhodda is Director of Access Tourism New Zealand and is Senior Research Officer at NZTRI, Auckland University of Technology. She became passionately interested in Access Tourism after a small study revealed the lack of accessible tourism products and the sometimes horrendous conditions tourists with disabilities have to put up with. She holds a PhD from the University of Canterbury and is also interested in medical tourism, ecotourism, and sustainable tourism.

Sandra Rhodda's presentation on this subject will take place on 14 May 2010 at the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute

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