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Accessible Tourism Cover Designs. An appreciation by ENAT's Ivor Ambrose

29/04/2021 | 0 comments

This 7 minute video shows a straightforward collection of 137 graphic design works, mainly covers from reports, conference programmes, flyers, access guides and other publications, produced by tourism bodies, project teams, ENAT members and partners spanning the period 1992 to 2020 (but mainly from the 21st century). These works are testimonies to the creativity and skill of many professional graphic designers, who gave a visual interpretation to the concepts of accessibility, inclusion, enjoyment, commitment and enthusiasm. Their names may, sadly, never be known to most of us. (There are also quite a few works by “enthusiastic amateurs” too, whose work is recorded to show the breadth of talent in our community)!

Watch the video on YouTube. 7 minutes

Now that COVID-19 has made all our meetings "virtual", rather than “in-presence’, and with the reduction of paper-based publications as we struggle to cope with the climate crisis, we look back and send a big “thankyou” to all those who added colour and substance to the development of accessible tourism: the project managers, public servants, companies, advocacy groups and non-profits and - most of all - the designers. Without you, we would surely not have come so far or enjoyed the journey nearly so much. Hopefully, we will continue to be stimulated by your work in the future, either in digital publications or in good, old-fashioned print.

With apologies for any incorrect or insufficient attributions and trusting that all copyright holders will be pleased to see their work being disseminated and appreciated in this new format.

There is no audio description on the video, unfortunately but you can download a list of the images from the right-hand panel of this page in PDF format. 

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