Update on the New European Bauhaus Initiative, April 2021

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ENAT is a partner in the EU Commission's New European Bauhaus Initiative. Here we present some information from the EC's Ruth Reichstein on the recent activities.

Image of graphic notes from Breakout Workshop on the Spirit of Place  Image from Breakout Workshop on "Rediscovering the Spirit of Place"

The first Conference on the New European Bauhaus was held online on 23rd April 2021.

We are happily looking back to the event last week. It was a great success and we are receiving lots of positive feedback from the audience. More than 8,600 people joined us over the course of the two days. The many people who engaged with us via social media are still continuing the conversation online.

One of the many highlights from the Conference is the launch of the 2021 New European Bauhaus prizes. More information about the prizes, categories and type of projects that can compete is available at the Prize webpage

Please spread the word and encourage any exciting projects that you know to apply.

The recordings of the Conference are already available on the NEB website.
Keep an eye on our Conference page as well for photos of the event that will come soon.

We also want to emphasize that the design phase is still ongoing and that we are open to receive contributions until June. We want to encourage you to send your contributions and also activate the partners around you.

We can only take into account, what is submitted. As this phase is shaping the concept of the New European Bauhaus and will serve as the foundation for the continuation of the initiative, every single contribution is important and valuable. That is why we are especially thankful for the contribution you helped generate during the Conference workshops.

To conclude we just want to say: let’s keep the conversation on the New European Bauhaus going and let’s continue to build this beautiful and sustainable movement together!

Best wishes,

Ruth Reichstein

European Commission
I.D.E.A. Advisory Board to the President
Green Deal & New European Bauhaus

New European Bauhaus - name and EU FlagENAT is an official member of the New European Bauhaus initiative.