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My Brother - short film.

12/12/2018 | 0 comments

My Brother from Indigoview on Vimeo. Christmas Eve. On a busy shopping street a young man with a crowbar causes total chaos…

My Brother from Indigoview on Vimeo.

Director: Theo Papadoulakis
Screenwriter: Panagiotis Papoutsakis
Producer: Dimitris Xenakis, Alexandra Manousakis
DOP: Vaggelis Katritzidakis
Set designer: Douglas Foote
Production: Indigo View Productions

Alexandra Manousakis created #RespectLife (, an online campaign to raise awareness about the problems people with mobility issues face in the cities around Greece. We’ve all seen vehicles blocking wheelchair ramps, restaurants and cafes filling up sidewalk spaces with tables, chairs, promotional signs. It is the reality of poor city planning, but most of all, it is a matter of blatant disrespect to our fellowmen, a matter of human decency. And it concerns us all.

Alexandra Manousakis, the Manousakis Winery, the Pancretan Association of America (PAA) and Indigo View Productions then joined forces to create a short film to draw more attention to the problem and show that each and every one of us can make a difference by changing our habits and demanding better standards from our community. To think beyond our own comfort and start sharing our communities with one another on equal terms.


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