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Universal Design hotel innovation

21/01/2017 | 0 comments

Prodel 16 square metre UD hotel roomPlan view of 16 square metre UD hotel room by JeanYves Prodel

I am looking for a hotel group that would innovate by introducing my concept of small hotel rooms accessible to all even for wheelchair users.

Hotel groups and cruise liners are resolutely focused on the customer experience. These groups offer a unique experience. But what makes an unforgettable holiday? The reception, architecture, decoration of the premises, comfort, accessibility, all the sensations generated by a set of details, even small, are participating in the subtle alchemy. Any sense of difficulty or stress felt by a customer may question it.

This is why I see a design accessible to all, not in response to excessive and rigid standardization but in response to the desire to create places to provide the same quality of comfort and well-being for everyone. For this, I am inspired by intimate experiences during my travels abroad or my daily life as a disabled person in a wheelchair.

I create thinking about what defines for me a beautiful design, easy to understand and welcoming. Therefore who better than I can imagine hotel rooms of 16m2 and 25m2  thoughts entirely to the welfare of customers while ensuring satisfaction and maximized return on investment?

Know that my room is so great for all, even with a wheelchair, I have received awards in the US and Europe for this.

Plan view of 25 square metre UD hotel room by JeanYves Prodel

Prodel 25 square metre UD hotel room


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Submitted by: JeanYves PRODEL