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NTO Learning Group - A New ENAT Forum for National and Regional Tourist Boards

18/02/2016 | 2 comments


Brussels, 17 february 2016. ENAT is launching a "Learning Group" for National and Regional Tourist Organisations (NTOs and RTOs).

The aim of the Learning Group is to bring together and share our experiences and methods for developing and implementing accessible tourism policies and strategies, at country, regional and destination levels.

Download the invitation letter to current ENAT Members from the NTO and RTO sectors from the right-hand panel in PDF fomat. 

Or read it below.

The NTO Learning Group is a "closed" group, exclusively for ENAT members. 

Paid-up ENAT Members (NTOs, RTOs and Dertination Management Organisations), will be contacted by the ENAT Secretariat and informed about how to join and participate. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Group.

Ivor Ambrose, Managing Director

ENAT Letter

from ENAT Secretariat, 17 February 2016

To ENAT Members: NTOs and RTOs       


Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to all NTOs and Regional Tourist Boards (RTOs) that are ENAT Members & Partners, to inform you about a new initiative we are preparing:

The ENAT NTOs’ Learning Group.

The idea for this group came from one of our ENAT members, VisitScotland, represented by Chris McCoy who is their Equality Diversity Manager and Head of the Accessible Tourism Programme and Mediation Partnership Team.

We had an initial meeting in Brussels on 29th January to discuss the Learning Group idea with Chris and two colleagues from VisitFlanders, Katrien Mampaey and Pieter Ghijsels.

The ENAT President, Anna Grazia Laura and ENAT members, Chris Veitch and Katerina Papamichail also took part in the meeting, along with me (Ivor Ambrose, Managing Director, ENAT).

The basic idea of the ENAT NTOs’ Learning Group is to share the good practices and methods that tourist boards have developed for fostering and promoting accessible, inclusive tourism. Tourist boards that are willing to join the Learning Group can show each other which approaches are really working, when it comes to engaging with stakeholders, especially the many small businesses in the accessible tourism value chain.

We can see that there is a need for all Destination Management Organisations to improve their offers and their marketing, so we would like to widen the sharing and learning to all the NTOs and RTOs who are ENAT members.

There will be an opportunity to share joint development opportunities and projects, bringing our knowledge together and sharing costs to develop initiatives that might otherwise be unachievable to just one NTO.  This could be further developed into bringing NTOs together to make funding bids to the European Commission, where appropriate, for joint projects.  This will allow for different areas of expertise to be drawn into a funding bid, and make what can be a very complex process that much more achievable. 

I hope that, as an ENAT Member, you will join the NTO Learning Group and contribute to making this initiative a success!

Our approach will be to set up an online NTO Forum and a Resources Database on the ENAT website, exclusively for the NTO Learning Group members. We will gather and organise information, send out News and Events information, help you find partners for your own projects and provide other support, as well as we are able to.  

Most important, we will arrange a Learning Event where the NTO and RTO members can come together for 2 days, interact and learn from each other. There will be short speeches from business leaders and NTOs and in-depth workshop sessions on specific topics, e.g. policy and strategy development, business cases, marketing, customer engagement, accessibility information, social media tools, etc.

You can already SAVE THE DATE of the 1st ENAT NTOs’ Learning Event: “Aiming For Growth”, Tuesday 20th - Wednesday 21st September 2016, in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

The NTOs’ Learning Event will be organised by a small committee composed of ENAT, VisitScotland and VisitFlanders and will be hosted by VisitScotland.

- There will be an Administration Fee of 100 Euros per person. Each NTO can send one or two persons. Places will be limited to NTO Learning Group members and invited speakers. 

- Hotels and flights must be covered by the participants themselves. We aim to get special discounts for participants in the Learning Event.


At the Learning Event:

- The focus will be on “Aiming for Growth”

- We will show how accessible tourism can contribute to your destination’s growth, in terms of turnover, income, reputation and sustainable community development 

- We will explore with you the barriers to working in this area and how to overcome them, using case studies and examples

- We will show which kinds of incentives work, when you want to get business on board

- We will not re-invent the wheel: NTOs can take the advice of those who are already in the process

- We will set some achievable goals and benchmarks, which we will report on to measure our progress. These will be designed by the NTO’s for the NTO’s - they won’t be imposed by others…! 

- We will give you useful documentation to take away with you.  

The ENAT-NTOs’ Learning Group will be open to all national and regional NTOs in Europe. NTOs and RTOs must become ENAT Members, if they are not already, so they can take part in the NTO Learning Group Forum and use the ENAT NTO Resource Database. There is no additional ENAT Membership Fee for NTOs for this service.

We aim to provide the necessary support from the 150 Euro Annual Membership Fee.

(Please make sure your ENAT membership subscription is up-to-date. Contact us if you need a specified invoice or download your invoice from your members' profile page after logging in at ).  

As an ENAT member we recognise that you are already working actively on issues concerning Accessible Tourism. We need your help to bring more tourist organisations and destinations on board. We want to encourage them, and help you reach your goals too. As one of our members said, NTOs cannot expect results overnight!  "It will take you five years to bring your destination up to the level of an accessible destination”.

Please share this message with colleagues in your organisation and with other NTOs and RTOs! 

NTOs and RTOs can join ENAT by registering at this page:

Choose “Organisational” membership and, after filling in the form, send the membership fee for 2016 by bank transfer to the ENAT Bank account or by PayPal.

We will soon open the NTO Learning Group page on the ENAT Website, where further information will be posted.

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.   

You may already confirm your interest in joining the NTOs’ Learning Group and/or let me know if you wish to register for the Learning Event in Edinburgh.  

With kind regards,

Ivor Ambrose, Managing Director, ENAT.


UPDATE, 18 May 2016. The Learning Group Web Forum is now open at:!forum/enat-learning-group1

If you wish to join you must be a Paid-up ENAT Member.
Please contact ENAT for further information at: 

2 comment(s) posted

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