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An Open Letter from Turkey

27/05/2013 | 1 comments

Dear traveller friends,

I am writing this letter to share my sincere feelings with you, directly without implying anything.

When I was a child, during official holidays all family members used to gather in the house of the oldest family member and while the elderly people recall past holidays, we were getting bored as children and played in the garden. By the time those elderly family members left us one by one, house gardens turned into apartments. Nowadays I am talking to my children just on the phone during those special holidays.

Unfortunatelly in the globalizing world most of the customs, traditions and habits disappear and we all become alike internationally.

For the people of each different country, sometime humorous and sometimes unreal ascriptions are made. Such as pinchpenny, naive, nervous, gentle, amorist, etc...

Of course there are also some ascriptions for Turkish people. One of those is Turkish hospitality. The best method to get to know a country is to have direct relation with local people, be recognizant of the countries cuisine, art and crafts.

Even if my country could not yet be accessible everywhere, you have to know that just with a small smile you will have total accessibility to my country's peoples' minds. Before we become all alike throughout the world, before we loose all our traditions and customs, before the smell of fruits and flowers are lost, before nature and tissue gets spoiled....

I already welcome you to Turkey !!

Every year Turkey is hosting about 32 million visitors. From this total Antalya welcomes apprx. 10 million; Istanbul 9 million and Izmir together with Egean area 5 million...

While these figures could not be ignored, it is not easy to give healthy statistical figures for disabled visitors.

I have to mention that all big hotels do have some disabled rooms and offer wheelchairs. In big cities there are accessible vehicles which give transfer and transport services.

Cities being living organisms in Turkey hosted many civilizations througout centuries. Because of this fact there is no city which we can consider as completely finished.

As you will totally agree with me, pioneers confronting the challenges pave the way for those coming behind.

Your observations and experiences will help Turkey to implement United Nation's "Convention of the rights of Persons with Disabilities"

Please keep in mind that I will be at your disposal all the time for your further questions and/or inquiries. I will be glad to guide you in every aspect.

Sincerely yours

A. Nejat Şardağı

ENAT Member logoMr. Nejat Şardağı is an ENAT Associate Member. He is the National Contact Point for ENAT in Turkey.

Karşıyaka İzmir, Türkiye

Download the ENAT flyer in Turkish (PDF 4.11 MB)

1 comment(s) posted

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