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Accessibility of People with Disabilities to the Athenian Acropolis

19/11/2010 | 0 comments

photo of wheelchair users visiting the AcropolisPhoto: Visiting the Acropolis. by V. Georgaka.
The Athenian Acropolis is 160 m. high and 2500 years old, yet it had remained inaccessible to people with various types of disabilities until the organization of the Paralympics Games 2004.

NOTE: 3 November 2020. The lift/elevator which normally ascends the outer wall of the Acropolis is out of service due to mechanical problems.
A new lift and upgraded pathways will be opened on 3rd December 2020, according to the Greek Ministry of Culture's plans. 

W.C. facilities for people with disabilities are available both on the west slope of the Hill, as well as on the east side of the site, that is on top of the Hill.


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